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Educational Spanish App for Kids

There are hundreds of benefits to being bilingual. The ability to travel more freely, speak to those who cannot speak English fluently and better paying jobs is just the tip of the iceberg. But learning a second language doesn’t have to be hard. We all know that the younger you start learning a foreign language, the easier it is to pick up on. With so many resources available, it doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore! Instead of long, tedious books, you can use educational apps, made especially for kids! Instead of hours of overpriced lessons, you can find videos to help your kiddos learn! Learning Spanish has never been easier!

This is a super helpful educational Spanish app for kids! It's fun and easy to use, perfect for all ages! #spanish #homeschooling #

FabuLingua: An Educational Spanish App for Kids

FabuLingua is an easy-to use app, designed especially for teaching kids Spanish. It’s packed full of games, stories and culture that the whole family will enjoy!

Easy to Use:

When I’m looking for a program for my kiddos to use, the first thing I look at is how easy it will be for my kids to use it on their own. Educational apps are the perfect way for my kids to squeeze in some homeschooling while I’m doing the dishes or whatever needs done. 

FabuLingua is an app, so you can use it anywhere you are, even when you don’t have wifi! That makes it the perfect idea to keep your kiddos busy on your next roadtrip!

Perfect for All Ages: 

What kiddo doesn’t love to hear a story? Kiddos as young as 2 or 3 will enjoy listening to the stories, as they connect the dots from English to Spanish. This app is fun for older kids, too! With games and sticker prizes, it keeps them engaged and learning for years!

Interactive & Fun:

Bright colors, fun games and interactive stories bring FabuLingua to life for kids! It’s more than an educational app: it offers hours of fun, too! Kids will love the engaging tales while parents will love that their kiddos are learning Spanish subconsciously! The stickers are a super fun addition that my kids always look forward to!

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Introduces Different Cultures:

If you’ve ever dreamed of opening the doors to other countries for your kids but you just can’t afford to travel, FabuLingua is the perfect way to integrate some culture into your day. Best of all, you don’t even have to leave your house!

Magical Translations:

FabuLingua tells stories in a way that kids are learning, even when they don’t realize it! They think they are simply listening to stories but in fact, they are fine-tuning their hearing for the Spanish language. 

It’s Affordable:

For around $30, you can have full access to FabuLingua’s educational app for an ENTIRE YEAR! That’s a whole lot of opportunity for learning for a tiny little price tag. You can choose to pay monthly, every 6 months or annually. But best of all, due to the added stress and downtime families are enduring due to COVID19, FabuLingua has made their app available for absolutely FREE until the pandemic is over! 

Grab FabuLingua, the Educational Spanish App for Kids for FREE Today:

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This is a super helpful educational Spanish app for kids! It's fun and easy to use, perfect for all ages! #spanish #homeschooling #



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