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100 Educational Shows on Amazon Prime

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WHOA! This list of 100 educational shows on Amazon Prime is priceless!WHOA! This list of 100 educational shows on Amazon Prime is priceless!

WHOA! This list of 100 educational shows on Amazon Prime is priceless!WHOA! This list of 100 educational shows on Amazon Prime is priceless!

WHOA! This list of 100 educational shows on Amazon Prime is priceless!

Whether you’re facing a sick day at home, bad weather or just a busy season of life, finding the time to educate your kids can be exhausting. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just flip on the TV and let it teach your kiddos, without having to worry about the programs? Now you can! With our 100 educational shows on Amazon Prime, there’s no need to feel guilty when your kids binge-watch shows. Because, hey, they’re learning!

WHOA! This list of 100 educational shows on Amazon Prime is priceless!


100 Educational Shows on Amazon Prime

  1. Ken Burns: The National Parks- America’s Best Idea
  2. Strange But True
  3. Kids Animated History with Pipo: A Time Compass
  4. Wild Kratts
  5. Weird Homes
  6. Reading Rainbow
  7. Popular Mechanics for Kids
  8. Wild About Animals
  9. Two Worlds
  10. Wild America: Mysterious and Marvelous Mammals

  11. Wild America: Unusual and Endangered Species
  12. How Stuff Works NOW
  13. Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin
  14. History of Life Series: A Study of Evolution
  15. Marine Machines
  16. Xploration Awesome Planet
  17. Super Skyscrapers
  18. Super Structures of the World
  19. MegaStructures
  20. Raw to Ready

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  21. Xploration Earth 2050
  22. In Space
  23. Codebreakers: Science of Secrecy
  24. Big Stuff
  25. Man Made Marvels: Asia
  26. Lights Out
  27. Elements
  28. The Five Keys: Opening Doors to the Future
  29. Gadgets & Gizmos
  30. Innovations

  31. Allosaurus
  32. Walking With Dinosaurs Special: The Ballad of Big Al
  33. Dino the Dinosaur
  34. Super Tech
  35. Liberty Kids
  36. How Did They Make That?
  37. The Mystery of Matter
  38. How We Got to Now
  39. Bizarre Science
  40. Travel with Kids

  41. Zeek’s Animal World
  42. DrawMe: A Story Series
  43. Children of the World Series
  44. What’s Up in Space: The Solar System for Kids
  45. Art Classic Stories Series
  46. Continents of the World Series for Kids
  47. Symbols of America Series
  48. Biz Kid$ Series
  49. Beautiful & Beloved Birds
  50. Amazing Legends

  51. Saved From Extinction
  52. Wacky Babies
  53. Animal Encyclopedia
  54. Animal Journeys
  55. Belfast Zoo
  56. Life in a Tidepool
  57. Madagascar
  58. Nature Parks & Refuge
  59. Cuddly & Cool Creatures
  60. Amazing & Unique Animals

  61. Small Game of America
  62. Big Game of America
  63. Predator & Prey Olympics
  64. Creative Galaxy
  65. From Wags to Riches
  66. The Lion Who Thought He was People
  67. Amazing Cats
  68. The Right Companion
  69. Dogs with Jobs
  70. Amazing Dogs

  71. Uncaged: Up Close in the Wild
  72. Zoo Party
  73. Tirex Cubs for Kids
  74. T-Rex vs.Theriznosaur
  75. A Whale of a Tale
  76. Sharks
  77. Selik & Katrine
  78. Zooboomafoo
  79. What’s at the Center of the Earth?
  80. Zoo Babies

  81. Go Diego Go!
  82. Blue Planet: Seas of Life
  83. Nature
  84. SciGirls
  85. The Life of Mammals
  86. Little Einsteins
  87. Design Squad
  88. Surprise! It’s Edible! Incredible!
  89. Ride or Wrong?
  90. Adina’s Deck

  91. Quest for Sunken Warships
  92. Yellowstone
  93. Galapagos
  94. Down the Grand Canyon
  95. Life in Cold Blood
  96. The Hunt
  97. Rise of the Continents
  98. Savage Kingdom
  99. Wildest Middle East
  100. Plants Behaving Badly

  101. Walking with Beasts
  102. Prehistoric Predators
  103. Origins
  104. Mini Monsters: Hidden Kingdoms
  105. America: The Story of Us


With so many educational shows on Amazon Prime, you don’t need to worry about your kids’ minds ending up in the sewer! They can actually LEARN while watching TV!

And for about $8/month, you can get all of these shows FOR FREE, plus free shipping on all Prime merchandise, free photo storage and Prime music! Grab your free trial today!


WHOA! This list of 100 educational shows on Amazon Prime is priceless!




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