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About Me

Hey ya’ll!

I’m Tiffany!

Welcome to Homeschool Hideout, where creating family memories is our top priority! I know the struggles that mamas on a budget face. I, too, want to give my kids everything from adventurous experiences to memorable birthday parties but that sometimes seems impossible when you’re on a tight budget.

Around here, you can count on finding ideas for family fun, quick and easy meals and solutions for the overwhelmed mom. I know that my time with my kiddos is limited and I want to make the very most of the first 18 years with my loves.

Family is forever!

Our Story:


From the time I found out I was pregnant at the age of 17, I started making decisions based on what is best for my whole family. I knew that being a teen mom didn’t mean that I would be a failure. In fact, I think being a teen mom pushed me to prove that I could be an amazing mom, despite my age. Luckily, my own Prince Charming was dedicated to being an awesome parent, too. We set out to change the world, starting in our home!

I’ve always been a very hands-on mom. My husband has worked hard in the family’s construction business so that I can stay home and raise our kiddos, like we both dreamed. Money is tight and stress can run high but we’ve both kept our eye on the prize. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and we’ve always made a way for me to stay home with the kids.

When it was time for our oldest to start kindergarten, we didn’t think twice about it. After all, everyone else sends their kids to school with no problem. As the years went by, I kept feeling a tug on my heart to keep her home with me. Once our middle kiddo started school, I knew I wanted something different. The school system wasn’t for our family. I wanted the little moments with my kids. I wanted to freedom to pick up and go on an adventure, on a Wednesday afternoon, without needing anyone else’s approval. I wanted my kids to know that they are my whole world and that I love being around them, even when they drive me crazy.

“The days are long but the years are short”

That quote echoed in my head and it really started to scare me. I wanted more time with my kids. I wanted to learn beside them, explore with them and spend my life diving deeper into them. Without much hesitation, we pulled our kiddos from school and began homeschooling them ourselves.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Along the way, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to stretching our budget so we can do fun things and create memories that last a lifetime. We are ALWAYS up to something but we prefer free or cheap fun! No fancy Disney vacations for us! (We couldn’t even afford a souvenir from there, if we wanted!) We have managed to give our kiddos pretty darn awesome childhoods, all while on a budget!

And we want to share our adventures with you!

Meet My Crew:

My family is my everything. They’re my backbone, my funny bone and my soft spot.

I thought it would be fun to introduce them by telling you a few totally random facts about them.

Mr. Man:

  • Thinks he’s the boss around here, but we all know different
  • Wants a racquetball court in his house someday
  • Does about an hour of “stretching” every night to keep him limber
  • Bought a 68 Mustang when he was 14 that was basically the frame with no floorboards or anything! He had it up and running by the time he was 16 and I gotta admit, that car was a major chick magnet. We went on thousands of dates in that thing and I just loved it. No heat or AC and it shook when you drove too fast but it was fun and gave me a sense of freedom. He parked it when our oldest was born but it still sits in our driveway, waiting to be repainted and loved again.
  • He is literally my better half. He is kind and compassionate and keeps me grounded. I couldn’t have designed a better husband if I had tried!


Miss Bookworm

Miss Bookworm:

  • Is my shy yet hilarious oldest kiddo
  • Loves staying home with a good book
  • Has an array of bad “dad jokes”
  • Thinks she’s awkward but is really just a teenager who hasn’t realized how amazing she is yet
  • Is a mega-nerd! She loves sci-fi, shows like “The Office,” and comics
  • Lives and breathes Doctor Who

    Miss MannersMiss Manners:

  • Wants to be a vet when she grows up and adores every animal she meets
  • Spunky and fun, yet an old-soul
  • Loves to knit, crochet, stick weave, embroider, sew, cook, garden and build things
  • Will be an amazing mama one day and is preparing by “momming” her babies Ivy, Jasmine and Robin
  • My clean-freak! She’s always organizing or cleaning something, even if it’s already clean
  • Knows more about nature than I ever have! She’s knows the best way to learn something is to jump in and get your hands dirty



  • The baby of our family, our rainbow baby and the only grandson on his dad’s side of the family. Yes, he’s rotten!
  • Loves animals, Legos, superheros and Nerf guns
  • Unpredictable. He once asked his pediatrician if he would be his “new Daddy?” Mind you, he already has a perfectly awesome dad and that position is NOT open!
  • Prefers to be butt-naked all.the.time!
  • Watches about a million “bull riding” videos on YouTube every day
  • Smells like a little boy but I just can’t help but breathe in his stinkiness, remembering that he won’t be little for long




We love making the most of our days with our kiddos, whether we’re vacationing or just hanging out at home! Our goal is to create memories that will last a lifetime and can bring a smile to our kids’ faces, even years after we’re gone.


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