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These are awesome activities for deschooling! We love doing #4!

Activities for Deschooling Your Kids

You’ve made the crazy life-changing decision to pull your kids from public schools to start homeschooling. You’re scared, you’re excited and mostly, you’re overwhelmed. You know you can do it. You’ve made the first step.

But now what?

Do you jump right into your curriculum or should you take some time off and ease into your new situation?

These are awesome activities for deschooling! We love doing #4!

Most seasoned homeschoolers recommend a deschooling period.

They suggest deschooling for one month for each year your child attended school.  If you pull your child from public school after 3rd grade, you would deschool for 3 months. But finding activities for deschooling your kids can feel overwhelming.

Why Deschool?

Deschooling allows families to unlearn the idea of what school should be and embrace what it can be.

No longer does learning strictly take place behind a desk for 8 hours a day but instead we begin to learn anywhere in the world for 24 hours!

Kids will no longer memorize facts to pass a test but instead learn because they’re genuinely interested.

Kids won’t stress over sitting still in hard chairs for hours a day but instead learn through movement and hands on activities. 

It’s an exciting time that will take some getting used to.

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