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150+ Educational YouTube Channels

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YouTube has revolutionized the way kids learn, interact and spend hours upon hours of their time each week. These days, there isn’t much you can’t find on YouTube. My husband is obsessed with Alec Steele’s blacksmithing videos. I head to YouTube when I need recipes or homeschool encouragement. But my kids, well, they turn to YouTube for everything. From watching people cut open squishies, to finding the perfect recipe for their slime shop, they are constantly looking stuff up on YouTube.

I love that they’re constantly learning new things from YouTube, albeit some of those things are incredibly stupid. 😉 But YouTube can be a huge game-changer for helping your kids discover new passions and spark a love for learning new skills.

A hundred years ago, people believed that books were actually BAD for you! Can you imagine! But they distracted people from their work and seemed to be a waste of time. Thankfully, we know different now. However, I find it funny that I scoff at the thought of books being useless, yet I often feel the same way about technology. Instead of looking at the hours spent watching videos in a negative light, I decided to round up some educational YouTube channels that my kids will actually enjoy!

150+ Educational YouTube Channels

Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning

Before we get started, you should know that I tried my best to arrange the list by subject. However, most channels have more than one topic, so I tried to pick the category that most of the videos fell into. Some of the science videos will also teach you history, for example.
Instead of telling you about each channel, like I do on my Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime movie lists, I decided to pick out a video title that I found most interesting. These are just a few of my quick picks and you’ll want to head to YouTube to find more videos from each channel.

Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning
Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning
Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning
Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning
Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning
Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning
Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning
Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning

How to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel:

Once you find an educational YouTube Channel you love, you’ll want to make sure you can easily find it again. By subscribing, you’ll get notifications every time that channel posts a new video!

Here’s how to subscribe:

  • Make sure you are logged into the YouTube app or YouTube.com
  • Under the video, click the “Channel” icon, then tap “subscribe”
  • That’s it! Easy-peasy-chicken-squeezy!

How We Use this List of Educational YouTube Channels:

One of the questions we get asked the most is how we use our Netflix movie lists in our homeschool. Well, that’s easy! We just watch one movie per day, as we eat lunch. But this list of educational YouTube channels is more convenient than Netflix in that we can watch a video quickly and at any time.

A few ideas of when to sneak in these educational YouTube channels:

  • In the car
  • In waiting rooms
  • While mom is on the phone
  • During bath time (Turn the lights out and let the kids soak in the dark as they watch a video on your tablet, from a safe distance! They’ll love it!)
  • School time
  • On the crapper (because, who doesn’t take their phone to the bathroom with them?)
  • While cooking dinner (Most videos don’t require you to actually watch them, so you can still learn, as long as you have the volume turned up.)
  • As a family, before dinner and you’ll have an instant conversation starters for the whole family

Be Safe:

Educational YouTube channels can be life-changing but first, you need to be safe!

YouTube is great. It really is. But as awesome as it is, there are still some down sides to using it with your kids. Your biggest concern will be your child seeing adult content on YouTube. Thankfully, that’s a fairly easy fix. Here’s how you can turn the safety settings on in under a minute:

  • Log in to YouTube.com
  • Go the the left-hand side and click “Settings”
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the YouTube homepage until you see several small buttons
  • Click on “Restricted Mode” then click “On”
  • Be aware that no filter is 100% accurate but this will ensure you don’t see content that has been flagged by other users.
  • To lock in your settings, you’ll need to sign out of YouTube then sign back in. Then you’re done! 

Now…let’s get started, shall we?

150+ Educational YouTube Channels

and the title of one of their videos we found intriguing!

Want a printable list of these educational YouTube channels?

Sign up below and grab your copy of our Educational YouTube Channel Cheat Sheet!

Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning

Channels with Random Facts & Info to Really Make You Think:

Second Thought: “What Would Happen If You Stopped Drinking Soda”

Crash Course: “We Could Be Heroes”

Crash Course Kids: “Picky Pineapples”

National Geographic: “Cows vs. Crime”

It’s Okay to be Smart:  “How an Igloo Keeps You Warm”

Thought Cafe:  “Could We Live on Mars?”

TED: “The Tiny Creature Secretly Powers the Planet”

The Infographics Show: “Highest Paying Teen Jobs”

Top Tenz: “10 Fast Facts About the James Bond Franchise”

Seeker: “Is Jupiter the Reason for Life on Earth?”

TED x Youth: “How to Become an Entrepreneur”

Today I Found Out: “The Quest for the Four Minute Mile”

Kurzgesagt: In a Nutshell: “The Deadliest Being on the Planet Earth”

What’s Inside?: “What’s Inside an Apple Pencil?”

Finding Stuff Out: “How Stuff Breaks”

Good Mythical Morning: “Will It Butter? Taste Test”

60 Second Philosophy: “Plato’s Theory of Forms”

Knowing Better: “Going after Ghandi”

V Sauce: “Electric Brain”

TED Ed: “Why Does Your Voice Change as You Get Older?”

Real Life Lore: “The Most Unlikely Things that Could Happen to You”

Think Twice: “Fitting a Cube Through a Copy of Itself”

The Slow Mo Guys: “Bear Trap Power”

Global Weirding with Katharine Hayhoe: “Developing Countries Need Fossil Fuel to Reach our Standard of Living, Right?”

Above the Noise: “How Sunscreen Hurts Coral”

Green Pro 2009: “Optical Illusions: Jaw Dropping Diamonds”

Samimy Productions: “Making Drunk Robot Out Of Junk”

The Frivolous Engineering Channel: “Laser Engraving an Apple”

Mr. Fix It: “How to Restore an Old Wheelbarrow”

I Like to Make Stuff: “How to Make a Giant 100 Foot Slip’N’Slide”

Primitive Life: “Stone Swimming Pool”

TED Ed Clubs: “Insecurities: A Common Thread Among Young Girls”

Jam Campus: “The Periodic Table of Elements Song”

Professor Dave Explains: “Visualizing DNA in Virtual Reality”

Life Noggin: “What Happens When You Get Rabies?”

Free School: “Why Does the Eclipse Move West to East?”

Soliloquy: “Is the Shape of Colorado a Boring Rectangle?”

Conjecture: “Why Does Pouring Water “Gulp?”

AnthroKnowldgey: “The Oldest Buildings on Each Continent”

Draw Curiosity: “How This Honey is Saving Elephants”

Think Fact:“How Many People Did It Take for You to Exist?”

Extra Credits: “1918 Flu Epidemic: Order More Coffins”

Nile Red:“Converting Aspirin Pills to Tylenol”

Smarter Everyday: “Tattooing Close Up and In Slow Motion”

Reactions: “Why Does Stinky Cheese Stink?”

Don’t miss these helpful lists:

Risk Bites: “Will Gene Editing in Sports Lead to Super Athletes?”

Half as Interesting: “That Time 3 Astronauts Went on Strike In Space”

Wonder Why: “Why Can’t We Print Money Off to Pay Debts?”

The School of Life:“The Secrets of a Privileged Childhood”

Origin of Everything:“Why Do We Wash Our Hands After Going to the Bathroom?”

Knowledge Hub: “How a Rebellion Built the Panama Canal”

Name Explain: “What Makes Britain Great?”

Brain for Breakfast: “How Did Cats Build the Pyramids?”

Computerphile: “Inside a Crypto-Mining Operation”

Be Amazed: “Is THIS the Food of the Future? Top 10 Foods Scientists Say We’ll be Eating By 2050”

Skunk Bear: “Why Dogs Have Floppy Ears”

Brain Craft: “How to Think like Einstein”

Hot Mess: “Could Climate Change Make you Allergic to Meat?”

The Brain Scoop: “A Beetle’s Beloved Beer Bottle”

Homeschool Pop: “Human Eye…for Kids!”

Peekaboo Kidz: “What Causes Constipation?”

Smithsonian Channel: “How a Tomato Paid Off This Man’s Mortgage”

Big Think: “Elon Mush is Fulfilling Thomas Edison’s Energy Dreams”

For Critical Thinkers: “Owners or Occupiers”

In the Making: “Simple Science to Stop Starvation”

How It’s Made: “How It’s Made: Laser Eye Surgery”

The King of Random: “Mixing Lava with Liquid Nitrogen”

It’s AumSum Time: “Why Do Cats Have Vertical Pupils?”

Meet Arnold: “What If You Could Fly Into Space in Your Car?”

Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning

Science Channels:

Minute Earth: “Why Most Rain Never Reaches the Ground”

Minute Physics: “How to Build a Teleporter with Aliens”

Spagler Science: “Science of Carbonation”

Science with Tom: “Please Don’t Kill My Hive: Science Kareoke”

Kids Science: “Fireworks: How Does It Work?”

Bozeman Science: “Vaccines and Herd Immunity”

Step-by-Step Science: “Momentum: Force vs. Time Graph”

Shomu’s Biology: “Kindom Fungi Classification to Remember”

A Capella Science: “Men are from Laurel, Women are from Yanny”

Physics Girl: “How I Broke a Wine Glass with my Voice and Science”

Science Bob: “900 Mousetraps Unleashed”

ASAP Science: “What Does Your Poop Say About You?”

SciShow Psych: “Cheese: As Addictive as Cocaine?”

SciShow Kids: “What Happens If You Swallow Gum?”

Gross Science: “Sea Cucumbers Have Multipurpose Butts”

Applied Science: “A Refrigerator that Works By Stretching Rubber Bands”

Science TV: “Clash of the Titans: Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy”

Science Channel: “Think Super Glue Can Lift a Pickup Truck?”

Bruss Pup: “See Through Objects by Bending Light”

Art Explains Science & History: “Are Rabbits the Fastest Breeding Animal?”

Veritasium: “Why Women are Stripey”

Thoisoi2: “Xenon: The Brightest Gas on Earth”

Popular Science: “What Would It Take to Power Your Home for a Day?”

Backyard Scientist: “How Strong is Oobleck?”

Anna’s Science Magic Show Hooray!: “Why Do We Have Butts?”

 A3 Academy: “Water Potential”

 GreatScott!: “Make Your Own Tesla Coil”

Periodic Videos: “A Very Early Periodic Table”

Objectivity: “Moon Beavers and Other Hoaxes”

Cody’s Lab: “What’s Inside a $25,000 gold foil ball? “

Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning

Astronomy & Space Channels:

SciShow Space: “What if the Universe Was Shaped Like a Donut?”

Space Time: “How Gaia Changed Astronomy Forever”

Nasa: “Launching a Mission to Study Earth’s Water”

Deep Astronomy: “Nothing is Easy About Humans to Mars…But Can We Make it Easier?”

Space Rip: “Are There Other Earths?”

Star Talk: “Don’t Get Neil Tyson Started on Water Towers”

Vintage Space: “Fecal Dust in Space”

Martian Colonist: “Building a Martian Society”

Deep Sky Videos: “Where Did the Sun Come From?”

Isaac Arthur: “Civilizations  at the End of Time: Dying Earth”

Fraser Cain: “How Do We Know Where Gravitational Waves Come From?”

The Planetary Society: “How to Prevent Asteroids from Hitting Earth”

Animal Channels:

Wildlife Aid TV: “Baby Badger’s First Taste of Worms”

Outback Wild Rescue: “Outback Wildlife Rescue: Episode 7”

Brave Wilderness: “Will It Ink? Catching an Octopus”

Ants Canada: “Ants vs. Giant Millipede”

Animal Wonders Montana: “9 Bizarre Animal Adaptations”

Snake Discovery: “Feeding Live vs. Frozen Prey”

Lelslie the Bird Nerd: “Do Female Songbirds Sing, Too?”

Deep Look: “Why Does Your Cat’s Tongue Feel Like Sandpaper?”

Lab of Orinthology: “Wetland Loss in the Yellow Sea”

Discovery: “Grizzly Bears: Up Close and Personal”

National Geographic Wild: “This New Species of Pygmy Seahorses is the Size of a Lentil”

National Geographic Kids: “Hiccup World Record: Weird But True!”

BBC Earth: “Pearlfish’s Gross Hiding Spots: Inside a Sea Cucumber”

Aqua Kids: “Siamese Crocodiles”

Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning

History Channels:

Kings and Generals: “Armies and Tactics: Ancient Greek Navies”

Potential History: “Tank Duel at Cologne”

Ten Minute History: “The War of the Roses”

The History Guy: “The Great Royal Buffalo Hunt of 1872”

The Armchair Historian: “What Made the American Civil War so Deadly?”

Wartime History: “Armor History: Sherman Firefly”

A Kid Explains History: “Pony Express: History Explained by a Kid”

Simple History: “Why Was a Paste Applied to German Tanks?”

The Great War: “A Farewell to Arms: Ernest Hemingway”

Forgotten Weapons: “Project Ultra: Germany Wants a Stronger Compact Pistol”

Alternate History Hub: “What if the Fourth Plane Hit Its Target on 9/11?”

America From Scratch: “Should We Rewrite Our Constitution?”

Mr. Bett’s Class: “World War II: A Friends Themed Parody”

Suibhne: “The Animated History of ISIS”

Emperor Tiger Star: “History Class Horror Stories”

So That Happened: “War Plan Red Edition”

Timeline: “Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer”

PBS Eons: “What a Dinosaur Looks Like Under a Microscope”

What If Al Thist:“What if the Handmaid’s Tale Actually Happened?”

Over Simplified: “The War that Changed the English Language”

Geography Channels:

Travel Kids: “Iceland’s Natural Wonders: Kids Traveling in Europe”

Geography Now: “What if Earth was Upside Down?”

Ollie Bye: “Conquests: The Kannauj Triangle”

Kids Learning Tube: “Kazakhstan Geography”

Math Channels:

Mathologer: “Pi is Irrational: Simplest Proof on Toughest Test”

Numberphile: “The Six Triperfect Numbers”

3 Blue 1 Brown: “What is Backpropagation Really Doing?”

Next time you have a few extra minutes, tune into one of your favorite educational YouTube channels and learn something new!

Before long, you’ll be a genius! 😉

Make learning fun with educational YouTube Channels! #technology #homeschool #YouTube #homeschoolers #onlinelearning

We wanna know: What’s your FAVORITE educational YouTube Channel?

Drop us a comment below!