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Teaching Life Skills in the Kitchen with Games

Teaching life skills to kids has never been more important. From canning their own food to learning how to sew on a button, being self-sufficient is something that most parents want for their kiddos. The problem is, teaching life skills in the kitchen can be intimidating, especially when you aren’t a great cook yourself!

But what if kids wanted to learn important life skills, like how to boil an egg or bake a cake? Wouldn’t that make life easier on all of us? With fun games, it is totally possible! And Culinaryschools.org has some of the best and most effective games I’ve ever seen! My kids practically begged to play them, without even realizing they were learning!

Trying to teach life skills in the kitchen can be intimidating but with these fun games, kids will beg to play (and learn!) #lifeskills #inthekitchen #homeschoolers

It didn’t take long to figure out that by playing these games, my kids were developing important skills. But with so many games to choose from, how do you know which ones are worth your time? 

Our Favorite Games for Teaching Life Skills in the Kitchen

The Boiled Eggs:

Keep the temperature just right when you’re boiling eggs or else they’ll end up as a fail! This game shows that sometimes, even the smallest tasks can become difficult when you’re doing multiple things at once!

Pancake Pile Up:

See how many pancakes you can pile up before the whole stack falls! This is the perfect game for teaching kids engineering and problem solving skills.

Farm Pop:

Pop the groups of fruit, as they appear on your screen. Try to work quickly and complete the entire harvest before you run out of time!

Burger Time:

Create the burger that your customers request, without messing up their order! This game is fun and shows just how hard it can be to be a chef and keep all of your customers happy.

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Fitness Food Run:

Watch your Health Meter grow as you “collect” apples, bananas and other healthy foods. But when you collect french fries, your Health Meter goes down! This game really shows the importance of eating a balanced diet and not filling up on junk foods!

Tasty Kingdom:

Race to capture all the healthy foods you can find. We love that this game offers real-world advice for kids, like “Eat an apple to avoid cancer.” These helpful tips make kids think they’re just learning it for the game but they are secretly learning healthy tips and advice at the same time!

Open Restaurant:

Learn how to manage a restaurant by completing all the tasks! Greet and seat people, give them a menu, take their orders, bring their food, clean the drinks and more!

If you’re looking for simple ideas to teach life skills in the kitchen, you can’t miss culinaryschools.org‘s huge collection of games. They’re both fun and educational, making them a hit with kids and parents alike!

Trying to teach life skills in the kitchen can be intimidating but with these fun games, kids will beg to play (and learn!) #lifeskills #inthekitchen #homeschoolers