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Ditch the Curriculum That Doesn’t Work!

One of the biggest complaints I hear from homeschoolers is that their child hates doing schoolwork. Honestly though, who can blame them? When they look around their home and see so many other fun things to do, it’s hard to focus on getting their schoolwork done.

But often times, kids are not actually resisting schoolwork, but instead, they are trying to avoid a curriculum that doesn’t work.

Love these ideas for what to do with a curriculum that doesn't work anymore!

As all parents know, what works for one kid won’t automatically work for another. Each child has different strengths, weaknesses, learning styles and personalities. Instead of fighting against these things, we need to try to work with them to make our kids as successful as possible.

But what should you do when you dumped too much money into a curriculum that doesn’t work for your child?

Don’t panic. That’s the first thing you should do. Then check out these 5 ideas to help you get yourself together.

5 Things To Do With Your Curriculum That Doesn’t Work

Take a Break:

So often, we feel like we have to be on schedule so we don’t fall behind. But who are we worried about falling behind? Homeschooling is a completely different ballgame than public schools so we need to remember not to play the comparison game.

Often times, taking a break from a curriculum that doesn’t work is the best thing you can do, both for yourself and your child.

Try taking 2 weeks off from using the curriculum and see if that helps. If it does, then you know where the problem lies. If not, pick it back up and start again, while removing a different curriculum from your day. Do this until you’ve found which curriculum is the issue.

Try Hands-On Learning:

We get so set on using a curriculum that we often forget that kids learn best through hands-on activities. Try to use your curriculum as a guide, instead of as a “must-do” list.

You might find that swapping boring textbooks for hands-on learning isn’t just more appropriate, but also way more fun for your student!

Skip the Repetition:

Bear absolutely despises diagramming sentences. We fought and fought for months over our language arts program until I finally threw my hands in the air and gave up. I told him that if when could correctly diagram 3 sentences for me, without any errors, we would skip that part of our lessons.

And guess what! He was able to diagram sentences easily within a week. He just felt overwhelmed when he thought he would be doing them everyday for the rest of his life. But once he mastered the skill, I allowed him to skip over any of the sentence diagramming in his lessons. Now he just has to do it on quizzes to prove he remembers how.

Removing an issue from your day-to-day learning can help ensure that your day flows much smoother!

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Scrap It:

It’s hard to toss a curriculum that doesn’t work for you since you spent so much money on it. But the truth is, sticking with something that is causing you and your child stress isn’t worth the fight.

Cut your losses and get rid of the curriculum if it isn’t serving you.

You can always recoup some of your money lost by selling the unused curriculum. Try listing it on Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Craigslist. Chances are, you’ll be able to get more out of it than you think!

Choose Wisely:

It’s hard to narrow down which curriculum to buy, but it’s important to choose wisely. When shopping for a curriculum, be sure to check their support they offer, returns and how they handle dissatisfied customers.

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