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Kindergarten Complete Curriculum: A Relaxed Unit Study Approach

There’s just something about the last child that makes a mama’s heart yearn for more. Knowing that after this stage, you’ll never revisit it again is bittersweet. Starting your baby’s kindergarten year is probably one of those milestones that comes all too quickly and passes just as fast. One moment, they’re nothing more than a flutter in your tummy and the next, they’re learning to tie their shoes and write their names.

While gearing up for my baby boy’s first year of homeschooling, I knew I wanted to experience more, while doing less “fluff.” I wanted more reading, more time together and more fun. Not that I don’t want more of those things with my other kids, but knowing this is the last time I’ll teach one of my kiddos to read makes me sad. I want time to slow down and wanted to find a way to pause life and just enjoy this time with my baby boy.

At the same time, I knew my boy would be completely different than my girls had been. While my girls would sit still and focus on writing their name, my boy would rather be talking about farts or poop. (Just being honest here. If you have a boy, you understand.) 

Kindergarten was shaping up to be a challenge and I knew busy work wasn’t even an option, if I wanted to keep my sanity. Thank God for things like Kindergarten Complete, which keeps things interesting while still ensuring that my little man is learning everything he needs to know.

The Kindergarten Complete curriculum is a dream for moms who want a little bit of structure but understand that play is the most important thing their young child can do!

Kindergarten Complete was everything I had hoped for in a curriculum. Even though we haven’t “officially” started his kindergarten year, we’ve already dived into the curriculum. So far, we haven’t been disappointed.

Everything You Need to Know About Kindergarten Complete

It’s Relaxed:

One of the most important things I was looking for in a curriculum was that it was relaxed. I didn’t want to spend hours pouring over school work everyday. In fact, I’m a pretty firm believer in delaying school for kids and allowing them to simply learn through play. But I knew that my son would either join our school or destroy it. If he didn’t have papers to work on while his sister’s schooled, he would steal theirs, interrupting their focus and schoolwork.
I knew I wanted something flexible and relaxed so that it wouldn’t be a huge deal if we skipped a few days or didn’t spent the day playing instead of doing school.

Using Kindergarten Complete curriculum, we can pick up right where we left off, without worrying about getting to the curriculum every single day. We aim to use the curriculum 4 days a week and that’s worked great. It seems that we naturally are 4-day-schoolers. That fifth day gets dedicated to visiting family, field trips or days at the creek. Our busy family needs flexibility and my kindergarten is no exception.

It Really Is Complete:

Kindergarten complete covers all of the subjects that need covered, in a no-nonsense way. Math, reading, writing, science, social studies and character development are all covered in a natural way, making it fun and easy to implement. Using poems, songs and storybooks, kids learn everything they need to know and then some.

Unit Studies:

Ah, unit studies. I have a serious love/hate relationship with them. My girls have always adored them and learn so much from focusing on one topic at a time. But I just can’t seem to get my act together. Putting together a high quality unit study is a LOT of work. From planning the activities to choosing a good book to pair with it, it’s just overwhelming. The crew at Kindergarten Complete has done an amazing job of making sure each topic is covered thoroughly. With over 30 different weekly themes and units, you can rest assured that there’s something for everyone!

Just Open and Go:

If y’all have been around here before, you know that I need curriculum that makes it easy on me. I can’t spend hours planning out our curriculum each week. Instead, I tend to fall in love with programs that have done all the dirty work for me. The Kindergarten Complete curriculum takes all of the guess work out of teaching kindergarten. All I need to do is open the book to that day’s lessons and get started. With simple directions, it makes sure the teacher or parents fills in every gap and covers everything needed.

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It’s the Perfect Intro To School:

Kindergarten doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s the perfect age to focus on play and allow kids to learn through life experiences. The Kindergarten Complete curriculum is the perfect way to introduce kids to “school.” Keeping it lighthearted and fun makes sure that the kids really enjoy it and find a love for learning. A rigorous routine is for the birds. Kindergartners need to be shown that learning is a life-long experience, not something that has to be painful and hated.

The Price of Convenience:

The Kindergarten Complete curriculum’s price tag is a bit more than I would normally spend on curriculum for a lower grade, like kindergarten. With thousands of free resources available on the internet, it’s hard for me to bite the bullet and purchase something for over $200 for my little guy. However, the benefit of splurging on an all-in-one curriculum is that you know that there will be no gaps in your child’s education. The age-old saying “You get what you pay for” is very true in this case.

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Built-in Arts & Crafts:

I wish I was a Pinterest Mom. I really do. But the sad truth is that I’m not and I probably never will be. And that’s fine. I can scroll through hundreds of adorable crafts and plan to recreate them with my own kids but deep down, I know it probably won’t happen. And that’s fine, too. Kids don’t need picture-perfect crafts. Instead, they need someone to lovingly show them how to turn construction paper into a monkey. An imperfectly done craft is better than a million picture-perfect pins that never get completed. 
With Kindergarten Complete, I don’t even have to plan any crafts. Each lesson has a fun craft or simple activity already planned and ready to be started. It not only takes the guess-work out of our craft for the week but also makes sure it’ll actually get done. 

Quality Literature:

There’s just nothing quite like cuddling up on the couch with your little one and enjoying a good book. The Kindergarten Complete curriculum has done a great job of weaving in classic literature for kids, as well as some less popular books. They’ve introduced us to books we would have never grabbed at the library, if it wasn’t for this curriculum. And each book is one more chance to snuggle with my little guy, while demonstrating a love of reading.

Some day, he’ll look back on these days and remember the feeling he got when him mama tuned out the rest of the world and took him on adventures, introduced him to new animals and taught him about world leaders, all from our cozy spot on the couch.

If you’re looking for a relaxed curriculum to introduce your little ones to school, without overwhelming them, I can’t suggest the Kindergarten Complete curriculum enough. After all, these precious days will fly by so you want to find something that will not only encourage your time together, but also spark a love of learning that will last a lifetime.


The Kindergarten Complete curriculum is a dream for moms who want a little bit of structure but understand that play is the most important thing their young child can do!

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