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6 Ideas to Unschool Language Arts

Looking to unschool language arts?

Each summer, I carefully plan each curriculum choices that we’ll use throughout the year. But by the end of the year, we’re full-blown unschoolers, learning through hands-on experiences and living books. As we near the end of another homeschool year, I’ve found myself doing it again.

But, no matter how much I try, I still struggle to find ways to unschool. The truth is, our kids are always learning but sometimes I don’t see it as plainly as I should. That’s why it’s important to remember that in even the simplest activity, our kids are still learning.

Love these tips to unschool language arts! #4 is my favorite.

6 Ideas to Unschool Language Arts


The best way to encourage kids to learn language arts is by playing with them. When they’re playing “restaurant,” encourage them to write a menu. While they’re pretending to go shopping, help them make a grocery list. If they love to play “school,” give them a list of spelling words to teach their “pupils.”

Reading and writing skills can grow tremendously when you encourage your kids to get creative while playing.

Board Games:

Our family loves to play board games and they’re a great tool for any unschoolers. Make it a goal to play a board game once a day for a month and you’ll be amazed at how much your child’s skills will improve. We love this list of educational games that help develop language arts skills.


When your kids speak to people from different walks of life, they learn new words and ways to use those words. By just speaking to people you come in contact with each day, your child is gaining new communication skills.


Kids who enjoy literature have the best vocabulary and reading skills. They are good writers and have good listening skills.

Reading quality books aloud to your family, enjoying fun bedtime stories and listening to audiobooks are easy ways to ensure your kids develop a love for reading.

Video Games:

One of our favorite ways to unschool language arts is to allow our kids to play video games. This works especially well with boys, who are more drawn to these games than girls tend to be.

Video games often require reading instructions, chat logs and typing responses. It’s a great way for kids to enjoy sharpening up on their language arts skills, without ever realizing they are doing so.

Night Zookeeper:

If you haven’t heard of Night Zookeeper, you’re about to be amazed! Night Zookeeper is a full language arts curriculum for ages 6-12 that doesn’t require any boring textbooks or worksheets. Instead, kids can create magical animals, set goals and improve their creative thinking skills, all while enjoying fun games.

Love these tips to unschool language arts! #4 is my favorite.

Using Night Zookeeper, students will improve:

  • vocabulary
  • spelling
  • writing
  • creative thinking
  • capitalization
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • composition
  • reading comprehension

Over 1 million students have already had great success with Night Zookeeper, making them the first program to offer amazing language arts results, without a ton of effort from the parents. The safe and effective approach inspires learning and ensures the child is having fun, while learning.

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Love these tips to unschool language arts! #4 is my favorite.

One of my favorite things about Night Zookeeper is the many ways that students learn:

Writing Prompts
Interactive Challenges
Engaging Lessons
Sentence Writing Challenges

Students should aim to use Night Zookeeper just twice a week, but they’ll likely want to use it more!

Love these tips to unschool language arts! #4 is my favorite.

After the student writes, they will receive personalized feedback from actual writing tutors. The tutors encourage and explain how the students can improve their writing, while keeping a positive attitude.

The Parent Dashboard allows me to easily see new lessons, comment on my child’s work and read the messages from tutors. I can check in and see just what my student has been up to in just a few minutes each week.

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Love these tips to unschool language arts! #4 is my favorite.
Love these tips to unschool language arts! #4 is my favorite.