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Trendy & Affordable Mommy Business Cards

Have you ever been at the park and hit up a conversation with a stranger with a twisted sense of humor, a couple of unruly kids and a life that was far from perfect? Immediately, you know you two could be besties. But then your little monkey topples off the slide, and you rush from the park to clean up the blood and give your little one a Popsicle to stop the screaming.

And just like that, your new bestie is nothing more than a memory. You didn’t have time to catch her name, let alone her phone number. Now you’re back to square one, wishing you could find a super cool friend that you actually enjoy hanging out with, instead of the cliquey moms at the park.

After missing out on a few chance encounters, I knew I needed a solution to my problem. I was tired of not having contact information, or waiting for other moms to struggle to find their cell phones in their massive diaper bags, while juggling a baby and screaming kiddo. That’s when I had the idea for a Mommy Business Card.

Mommy business cards are all the rage! Streamline your mom game with a trendy design from Basic Invite today! #stationery #businesscards #trendydesigns

Mommy Business Cards are simple! Just put the contact information you wish to share on the card and keep a couple of them handy when you’re out and about. That way, you can whip one out, toss it across the picnic table and your new mom friend can mindlessly slide it into her back pocket. When she’s doing laundry, she’ll come across it and your number won’t be lost in a sea of contacts in her cell phone.

Why I Chose Simple Invite

When designing my Mommy Business Cards, I decided to go with Basic Invite. There are hundreds of places to order business cards online but since I wouldn’t be buying hundreds, I wanted high quality and total customization. And that’s exactly what Basic Invite offered!

Over 180 Colors:

Using Basic Invite, you can change every single aspect of your business cards! There’s no reason to only use one or two colors! In fact, Basic Invite offers over 180 colors to choose from!

Quick & Easy Design Options:

Choose from hundreds of different design options and customize your cards just how you’d like! You can upload a personal photo, create trendy designs and fall in love with your personalized business cards in just a few minutes time!


I was able to create and purchase my very own Mommy Business Cards for only $0.38 each! The trendy design and high quality printing make the cards look much more expensive. I only plan on ordering these once, as my kids will be out of the “play date” stage before I can possibly get through all 100 cards I ordered.

Try Before You Buy:

Y’all, I’m a busy mom. I don’t have time to spend hours designing my Mommy Business Cards. I wanted professional, and trendy cards that I would be excited about handing out to my friends. I was stoked to find out that Basic Invite offers to send sample cards for you to preview before you buy.

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Simple Invite offers much more than trendy business cards, though! You can find affordable invitations for all occasions, as well as adorable personalized stationery. They have 40 colors of envelopes for you to choose from and even offer foil printing on all products. Sending Christmas cards just got easier with Basic Invite’s address capturing service!

Mommy business cards are all the rage! Streamline your mom game with a trendy design from Basic Invite today! #stationery #businesscards #trendydesigns

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