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How to Boost Your Teen’s Math Confidence

For some high school students, math can be an intimidating and challenging subject. As parents, we must enhance our children’s attitude toward math to help them become more confident learners. If you have a high schooler struggling with their math confidence or an achiever wanting to boost their math skills, here are six tips that can help.

Love these ideas to boost my teen's math confidence!

How to Boost Your Teen’s Math Confidence

Provide feedback properly

Some teenagers, especially those with low self-esteem, can be highly sensitive to criticism. To boost your teen’s math confidence, you must learn how to provide them with objective yet positive feedback. Be mindful of your words and avoid criticizing them for their mistakes, even minor ones. 

Instead of concentrating on what they did wrong, direct your teen’s attention to alternatives they could do in the future. Emphasize how mistakes are integral to learning and why they should see their math pitfalls as learning opportunities, not negative obstacles. 

Recognize effort

Celebrating their efforts is another effective way to enhance your teen’s math confidence. Recognizing their hard work and perseverance despite their overall math academic performance can help them become more motivated to work even harder. When giving praises, avoid general praise and specify their actions, especially when faced with challenges. Remind them of the value of dedication and why natural abilities alone are not enough to reach academic success. 

Change your teen’s math narrative

Words can be powerful, especially to teenagers. Instead of labeling math as difficult, change your child’s narrative towards math. Let them understand that math can be complex, but it should not intimidate or discourage them from mastering it. Teach your child the power of positive self-talk and why they need to develop a healthy growth mindset. 

Set feasible goals with your teen

Another way to increase your teen’s math confidence is by setting goals. Discuss with your child what they want to achieve in terms of math and things you can do to assist them. If your child struggles with math, be realistic when establishing goals, and do not overpressure them to push beyond their limits. 

Set daily, weekly, or monthly goals with your high schooler and track their progress. These goals can help your child monitor their improvement and enable them to revisit math obstacles they have successfully overcome. 

Use educational learning technology

Most teenagers these days are well acquainted with tech, so investing in learning technology can make a huge difference in their math learning. Find accessible and user-friendly learning tools that can help make math more fun and exciting. 

Seek professional help

Even if your teen excels in math or has high confidence, they can still benefit from seeking professional help. Math tutors can help them efficiently reach their math goals and address areas they could improve on. Consider your teen’s learning style and find a tutor who suits their needs and math level. If your teen is pursuing advanced-level math, you can search online for Spires A level maths tutor to help you secure the best A-level math tutor for your child. 


Boosting your teen’s math confidence is no easy feat. Remember these tips and seek help if necessary. 

Love these ideas to boost my teen's math confidence!