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High School Math for Busy Moms

Here’s the thing: I’ve got a ton of stuff on my plate. When I’m not running the kids to horseback riding lessons, I’m tackling the mountain of laundry. If I’m not grocery shopping, I’m planning our homeschool lessons. When I’m not dragging the kids to the next field trip, I’m paying the bills online. My life is full and my plate is equally full. I just don’t have time for a lot of things. So when I can put something, anything, on auto-pilot, you can bet your britches I’m gonna do it!

I’m a self-described “Lazy Homeschooler.” That doesn’t mean I like to sit on the couch, watching soap operas and eating Doritos all day long. (Although, not gonna lie, that sounds pretty amazing!) What “lazy homeschooling” is to me, is doing as little as possible and still getting the same, awesome results.

You like to spend a month reading about World War II? That’s cool. My kids will watch a couple of movies about it and then we’ll discuss it afterwards.

We’re still learning but I just like to make things easier on myself. After all, my plate is full, ya know. 😉

I love sharing our favorite curriculum with you!
But, I gotta let you know, I received a subscription to Mr. D Math for free and was compensated for my time.
All opinions are my own and a positive review was not required.
Put your high school math on autopilot with live online classes with Mr. D Math! #homeschooling #highschool #onlinelearning #onlineclasses #math #mrdmath

Would you be surprised to know that I’m not a math fan? I mean, I’m okay at math but teaching it to multiple kids, all on different levels, just stresses me out.

Math isn’t something you can do while multitasking. It requires your full attention and no distractions.

I bet you’ll be shocked to learn my house is full of distractions. Which means teaching math is a challenge.

If you’ve ever had a kid who struggles with math, you know how hard it can be on their confidence. It didn’t seem fair that my kids’ confidence in themselves was being affected by the fact that we can’t get any peace in quiet in our home, at this stage in our lives. But what could I do?

We’ve tried online math curriculums before but they’ve left my kids feeling frustrated and defeated. They had nowhere to turn when they needed help, so we knew we needed a new solution.

It’s a funny thing, this homeschooling journey we’re on. What works one year, may cause your homeschool to crumble the next. One kids simply may not wired like the rest of the family and you need to find what works best for them. It’s a constant battle of finding what works best for each student.

Mr. D Math High School Math

There are hundreds of online math programs for elementary aged students but what about older kids? Finding an online middle or high school math program isn’t as easy as you’d think! That’s why we love Mr. D Math.

Independent Work:

One of the best things you can do for your sanity is teach your kids to do their work independently. By the time they’re in 4th or 5th grade, they should begin working on this skill for all of their homeschool lessons. But some subjects, like math, can feel impossible to do by themselves. That’s what’s so great about Mr. D Math. The kid-friendly and entertaining teacher, Dennis DiNoia, makes math fun and the kids actually want to do math.

Live Classes:

Wouldn’t it be great if your kids could have a math genius at their fingertips? Mr. D Math offers live classes, where kids can ask questions, get to know other homeschooled kids and learn math in a whole new way. These classes are invaluable for when your kiddos are in high school math and need some help!

Makes High School Math a Breeze:

My favorite thing about Mr. D Math is that he meets ALL of our high school math needs! Beginning in middle school, we can use his classes to cover all of our bases. With all the hard work done for me, teaching high school math is a breeze!

High School Math Classes:

Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Consumer Math
ACT Prep Bootcamp
SAT Prep Bootcamp

Other Classes Offered:

Advanced Writing
Life Skills
American Sign Language
Study Skills
College & Career Readiness
Flamenco Dancing
Flamenco Guitar

If you’re looking for a way to make high school math more enjoyable for your teen and take something off of your own plate, you can’t miss Mr. D Math!

It’s the perfect solution for the whole family!



Put your high school math on autopilot with live online classes with Mr. D Math! #homeschooling #highschool #onlinelearning #onlineclasses #math #mrdmath

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