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Free Math Games for Kids That Don’t Suck!

Getting your kiddos to practice math can feel a little bit like trying to pull teeth. They fight and scream and you feel like you’re just making them hate math even more. But if you introduce math practice by playing fun math games for kids, they won’t even notice they’re learning! 

But finding high quality math games can be tricky. You don’t want them to be too babyish and you don’t want them to be too hard. Wouldn’t it be nice if math games were fun for ALL ages? Well, they can be!

Tons of fun and free math games for kids is just what we need to keep our kiddos sharp this summer! #homeschoolers #math #onlinegames #online #learning

Calculators.org offers plenty of fun math games for kids and best of all, they’re totally free! Kids love them. Parents love that kids love them. And the whole world loves that kids are finally learning how to count change again. 😉

When we discovered Calculators.org, our whole family got sucked into the games. We worked together to figure out the puzzles, solve the challenges and bounce the balls into the cups. These were the most fun math games we’d ever played! 

Our Family’s Favorite Math Games on Calculators.org

Grocery Cashier:

This math game is not only fun, but it teaches a vital life skill: making change. I’ve never ran a cash register so it was fun for me to learn how cashiers work. Kids can practice making the correct amount of change from the amount of money they’re given. 

Puzzles, Matching & Find the Differences:

Math is more than just numbers and these fun math games prove it! All ages love solving puzzles, playing matching games and spotting the differences. From preschoolers to high schoolers, everyone enjoys the huge collection of these math games!

Boxes Physics:

Try to quickly click the boxes before they multiply and fall! Kiddos will get a better understanding of the laws of physics by simply tapping the screen, as fast as possible.

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Easily our family’s favorite math game, Engineerio offers challenging setups. Players will try to balance the ball, navigate the movements and hit the target by moving planks.

Ball in the Cup Physics Game:

Position different shaped pieces to guide the ball into the cups. The balls bounce off of each piece, so you have to be sure to aim just right in this fun math game.

Balance Physics Game:

Players are challenged to balance a boy, fire, catch eggs and other fun pieces. Kids can use balls to hit the level, balancing the items for a designated time. 

Whoopy Addition Math: 

Click the moving balls and try to add up to the number at the bottom of the screen. It’s not nearly as easy as it would seem! Those little stinkin’ balls move a lot faster than you’d think!

If your kiddos need some extra help but you don’t have a lot of money to invest, you can’t miss these totally free math games from Calculators.org. They’re perfect for all ages!

Tons of fun and free math games for kids is just what we need to keep our kiddos sharp this summer! #homeschoolers #math #onlinegames #online #learning