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Simplifying Homeschool Biology for Teens

As homeschoolers, there are simply some classes that are harder to teach than others. In the elementary years, many struggle with spelling and vocabulary. But high school is a whole ‘nother ball game and teaching homeschool biology classes is a mom’s worst fear. 

While some biology courses include labs, our state doesn’t require any and my daughter has no plans to go to college, so I wanted a curriculum that wasn’t lab-based. I searched, high and low, looking for just the right curriculum but was coming up empty-handed. 

This is sponsored post by Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.

Wondering how to homeschool biology? PAC does all the work for you! And, kids LOVE it. #homeschool #science #biology

A talk with my daughter about her current schoolwork led me straight to the solution. Each of our curriculum have different formats and when discussing which ones she prefered, she quickly answered “Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum!”

She’s just finishing up her 2 year study of Integrated Physics and Chemistry using Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum and it’s hands-down her favorite curriculum, so I happily ordered Biology for her, too.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum’s Homeschool Biology

Isn’t it just the best feeling when you’ve found a company that produces high-quality curriculum and produces it in an easy-to-use format? Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is one of my very top picks for all high school classes.

Just a few things we love about them:

Easy to Use Booklets:

One of our favorite things about Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is the format. Biology is divided into 6 soft-cover texts and activity books. The student reads the lessons then completed the accompanying activity booklet. I wasn’t sure we’d like having 2 different books, but we actually love it. My daughter can easily stick her text in her backpack to take on the go. It’s not bulky or heavy. It’s the perfect reading material while waiting at the doctor or while in the car. 

Engaging Material:

Each night at dinner, our kids tell their dad something they learned from the day. Nearly every single day, my daughter speaks about her Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. The texts are written in a relaxed, conversationalist manner, making them more engaging. It allows kiddos a chance to really absorb the information. Her excitement about the topics makes me smile.

QR Codes:

Don’t you just hate it when your child needs help with something but you’re totally lost, too? With handy QR codes, students have instant access to even more information on the topic, making your job even easier!  

Independent Work:

By the time your student is in high school, they should be doing most of their work independently. Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is jam-packed with information that allows students to complete their tasks on their own. The only thing I ever need to do is check her work, which I do once she’s completed an entire booklet. I spend less than 10 minutes evaluating her booklet and that’s it!

Bite-Size Lessons:

Homeschool biology seems like it would be totally overwhelming but with the bite-sized lessons, it’s not! My daughter can do four lessons per week and finish the homeschool biology texts in just one school year. But she often does more than one lesson a day because she enjoys it so much! And that’s the real testament to how amazing Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is.

A Peek Inside

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If you are looking for a homeschool biology class, don’t miss Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. Like the rest of their products, it offers more than expected in a way that helps students really retain the information. 

Wondering how to homeschool biology? PAC does all the work for you! And, kids LOVE it. #homeschool #science #biology


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