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10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Kids

Keeping kids busy can be a chore. They love electronics, they want to play with Barbies in their bedrooms and would rather lounge on the couch all day than go outside and play. But it’s important to get out and enjoy some sunshine! It doesn’t have to be an all day event: just 30 minutes outside can help your kiddos burn some energy.  Having a list of easy outdoor activities makes getting outside even simpler!

Did you know that getting sunshine daily boosts your immunity?
Spending a little time in the open air actually boosts your mood, too so get outside today!

Looking for easy outdoor activities to keep your kiddos busy? These are simple but so much fun! #quarantined #kidsactivities #getoutside #gooutside #backyard

 10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Kids

Dinosaur Dig:

What kid doesn’t like dinosaurs? Parents, take some time to go bury some toy dinosaurs in the yard and let the fun begin. Give the kids a plastic spoon and have them dig them out. Whoever gets the most dinos is the “Archeologist of the Day.” If you do not have dirt or a big yard, make jello in a big casserole dish or bowl, the night before, and let their little ones dig around in it. This one is messy but take it outside and it’s easy to clean up with a water hose.

Car Wash:

This one is a great activity for both kids and parents. Let the kids get all soaped up and wash your car! There is nothing like spraying each other down with a hose on a hot day. It’s like chores but it’s actually FUN! If the weather doesn’t permit, you can set up an “indoor car wash” for the little ones. Grab their Hot Wheels, some soapy water, a toothbrush and get down and dirty with them.

Rock Painting:

Go on a nature walk as a family and gather rocks. Most of us have markers or paints lying around somewhere. Take the time to paint together. Even the older kids can get in on this. There are even rock groups in most states where you leave your rocks somewhere for someone to find.  Join one! Leave your painted rocks and hunt for someone else’s.
We love rock painting when we’re camping because we can just pack a few bottles of paint, some brushes and find fun rocks at our campsite! It’s the perfect budget-friendly activity for your next camping trip.

Backyard Races:

Sack races are so much fun. No sack?? Use a pillowcase. You can also do wheelbarrow racing or 3 legged races. You can even do relay races, seeing who can balance an egg in a spoon and cross the finish line without dropping it.  Make sure to do these on grass or soft terrain because someone is bound to take a tumble.

Play Dizzy Bat:

Dizzy Bat is a simple game that only requires one thing: a plastic baseball bat or something similar for each team. The rules are simple: A baseball bat is placed a few feet in front of each team. Players race to the bat, stand it upright on the ground and put their forehead on the bat. Then they have to circle the bat ten times before running back to tag the next person in line. The first team to have all players complete the task is the winner.

Duct Tape and Chalk Mosaic:

Mosaics are beautiful works of art and you can do them right at home. Take duct tape and make a design… think paint by numbers or stained glass designs. Have the kids color in each space with a different color of chalk. Once all spaces are filled, pull off the duct tape leaving behind just the chalked design. Instant art.

Build a Fort:

Use outdoor chairs, blankets and tarps to make a super cool fort with your kids. It doesn’t have to be beautiful or perfect. Have fun with it and when you are done, eat lunch in it or read a book together. A super fun way to do this outside is to use fences, trampolines, lawn chairs and other outdoor items to keep the fort off the ground.

Outdoor Carnival:

Use items you have around the house to make a fun outdoor carnival for all of your kids. Turn your baby pool into a fishing game. Transform kitchen bowls into a ball toss. Use swimming pool rings and pop bottles to create a ring toss. You don’t need to buy a lot of supplies, just get creative with what you have on hand.

Treasure Hunt:

Make them work for their treats by giving them a scavenger hunt. They have to find them using “clues” left in different spots throughout your yard. Make it as simple or as difficult as you’d like! You can give your kids riddles or math problems before moving on to the next clue.

Stick to the Basics:

These are the games our grandparents played. Best of all, they’re all simple enough for even young kids to understand and still fun enough that teens will want to play.
  • Tag
  • Hide and Seek
  • Red Light Green Light
  • Simon Says
  • Freeze Tag
  • Red Rover
  • Capture the Flag
  • Mother May I?

Armed with this list of easy outdoor activities for kids, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying the sunshine while not breaking the bank!

What are your favorite easy outdoor activities for kids?

Looking for easy outdoor activities to keep your kiddos busy? These are simple but so much fun! #quarantined #kidsactivities #getoutside #gooutside #backyard

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