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50+ Bug Unit Study Supplies

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This year, we’re jumping into The Good and The Beautiful curriculum. We’ve fallen madly in love with the simplicity and ease of use. And while we’ve always been “unit study” homeschoolers, the fact that The Good and The Beautiful (TGATB) science is split into unit studies is a huge plus for me. This year, we’re starting with the bug unit study (arthropods.)

But, as most homeschoolers do, I just wanted to add some fun and engaging activities to surround my kids with while we complete the unit studies. Since we’re starting off with TGATB Arthropods unit, it only seemed fair that I share our plans. And since the curriculum itself is so cheap, I was able to splurge a little more than usual and grab several manipulatives, games and books that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.


This bug unit study has it all! Fun games, books, games and even snacks that your kids will love. #bugs #unitstudy #homeschoolers #TGATB #TGATBanthropods #anthropods #insects #

50+ Bug Unit Study Ideas


100 Bugs to Fold and Fly:

A fun book that walks you through the steps to create a bug from the provided papers. This is the PERFECT book to keep hands busy while you read aloud to the kiddos.

Usborne’s Big Book of Bugs:

With giant fold-out pages, this book is jam-packed full of life-size bugs. Kids will love reading all about the bugs they’re studying and the bite-size chunks of information make it easy to comprehend.

1,001 Bugs to Spot Sticker Book:

Learn about creepy crawler’s habitats through vibrant pictures, colorful pages and hands-on sticker fun. Kids will not only enjoy learning the facts, but will also practice counting and more skills while using this fun sticker-book.

The Big Book of Bugs:

With everything from why bees buzz to why butterflies flitter, this book covers it all. With whimsical illustrations and fun facts, kids will devour the entire book!

Nature Anatomy:

One of our absolute favorite books because it covers all of the tiniest details about all aspects of nature, this one is worth it’s weight in gold!

Bees: A Honeyed History:

This book is crammed full of gorgeous illustrations and tons of information that’ll make you love and appreciate some of the world’s hardest working insects.

Bug Hotel:

Learn all about creepy crawlie bugs with this fun life-the-flap book. Kiddos will fall in love with the way bugs live, what they eat and all the details they’ve ever wanted to know about.

Ultimate Bug-opedia:

As with everything by National Geographic, kids will dive into this book and get lost for hours on end. If you have a reluctant reader, I highly recommend this book, as they will absolutely love it!

1,001 Bugs to Spot:

Where’s Waldo, bug style! Kids will love finding each bug, all while learning fun facts and creepy information that they’ve never known.

Life & Times of Ants:

Follow along with ants and see why they’re always working so hard! Get a sneak peek inside the day in a life of some of life’s most fascinating creatures.

Hands-On Learning:

Insect X-Ray Cards:

Butterfly Models:

Jumbo Insects:

Bug Catcher & Magnifier:

Insect Finger Puppets:

 Bug Stickers:

Wooden Insect Puzzles

Magnifying Glass

Insect Charms


Praying Mantis Kit

 Insect Microscope Slide Kit


Beeswax Candle Making Kit

Live Butterfly Kit

Junior Adventure Kit

Ant Farm with LED Light

Beekeeping Start Up Kit


Raw Honey

Chocolate Covered Insects

Edible Insects Mix


TGATB YouTube Watch List: Anthropods

A Bug’s Life

The Bee Movie


Top Trumps Bugs:

Learn quick facts, stats and info, all while having a blast!

Bug Bingo:

Vibrant photos cover each Bingo card, drawing kids in to enjoy the game. Besides that, who doesn’t love a classic game of Bingo?!?

Bugs ‘N’ Slugs:

This board game will help kids understand more about the creatures that crawl through their gardens and hide beneath their feet.

Insect Memory Game:

The vivid photographs in this game make learning about insects even more fun! This game is a blast for kids and adults of all ages.

Ant Farm Board Game:

Help the Queen Ant find her babies in the maze of underground tunnels in this fast and fun board game!

Insect and Spiders Card Game:

At our house, we love anything by Professor Noggin because we know it’ll provide hours of fun that will make kids forget they’re even learning!

Bug Out:

Race against other players to locate your cards, while enjoying the colorful and friendly bugs on each card. Once they’ve completed the task, the winner shouts “BUG OUT!”

Snug as a Bug in a Rug:

Young kids will love practicing their colors, shapes and numbers with this fun game by Peaceable Kingdom.



Filling your space with gorgeous artwork and decor is just one fun way to keep kids curious about your topic. Opt for detailed posters, colorful wall hangings or simple decor to draw kids in.


With so many fun options, your bug unit study will be one that the kids will be talking about for years to come!

This bug unit study has it all! Fun games, books, games and even snacks that your kids will love. #bugs #unitstudy #homeschoolers #TGATB #TGATBanthropods #anthropods #insects #