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What to Watch on Netflix: Try Educational Shows

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Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services, offering movies, original shows, and exclusive content across of range of genres. There is something for everyone, young and old. Netflix is also popular with people tired of paying top dollar for cable services. You can access local stations with an external antenna and watch additional content on Netflix. 

As with most of the prominent streaming services, Netflix is subscription-based, offering different levels with various advantages. It is easy to see why Netflix is the world’s number one streaming service, as its massive variety of TV shows and movies offers a seemingly endless array of viewing options. Its commitment to exclusive, original content sets it apart from many competitors. 

Love this list for when I wonder what to watch on Netflix!

Netflix can be streamed across many devices, including smart TVs (many of which have built-in apps for Netflix), Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and Nvidia Shield. PlayStation 4, Wii, and many Blu-ray players also make it easy to access Netflix, and you can also watch on PCs, most laptops, and mobile devices. Although technically not allowed, some subscribers set up VPNs to view content from other countries. This is a popular option for US students studying abroad who do not want to miss their favorite shows.

What Benefits You Can Get From Netflix:

Netflix provides viewers with a myriad of options, including documentaries, comedies, dramas, family-friendly shows, educational content, movies, and more. The viewing content catalog differs depending on the country of residence. 

Content offerings change monthly as new shows and movies are added and some are removed. With well over 200 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix leads the way in on-demand streaming. Netflix even offers content from around the world. 

One of the benefits many families like is that each person can have an individual profile, with parents able to set parental controls to regulate what their children can watch. Maturity ratings, access lock to profiles, PINs, and the ability to see viewing history make Netflix popular with parents. Creating personal profiles helps Netflix customize the viewing experience with recommendations based on what you like to watch. 

You can have up to five user profiles per account, with easy navigation on the main screen menu. There is no limit to the number of devices that can use your Netflix account, just how many can be used at any time. Separate logins are not required, but you can add PINs to adult profiles for parental control to prevent children from watching adult content. 

User-friendly design

Netflix provides a user-friendly platform to help you browse categories on the homepage. You can also see trailers and expand previews while on the homepage. Another positive feature is checking out upcoming series and movies and adding reminders for when they become available. 


If you are willing to pay a few dollars more, you can go ad-free for your viewing experience. For those more concerned about budgets, Netflix offers a standard plan with ads for a lower cost. (see below)

Different membership plans

Netflix offers numerous membership plans, some with ads and some that are ad-free. There is also a difference in HD vs. Ultra HD viewing. 

  • Standard with ads ($6.99/mo): allows for 2 supported devices simultaneously, Full HD, unlimited mobile games, most movies and TV shows offered are available, with ads
  • Basic ($9.99/mo): unlimited TV shows, movies, and mobile games without ads, HD, watch on 1 device at a time, download on 1 device at a time
  • Standard ($15.49/mo): unlimited TV shows, movies, and mobile games without ads, Full HD, watch on 2 devices at a time, download on 2 devices at a time, can add 1 extra person not in the same household for $7.99/mo
  • Premium ($19.99/mo): unlimited TV shows, movies, and mobile games without ads, Ultra HD, watch on 4 devices at a time, download on 6 devices at a time, can add 2 extra people not in the same household for $7.99/mo each, Netflix spatial audio

Download content to watch on-the-go

You can download movies and TV shows onto your mobile device to watch when you are away from home and without an internet connection. This feature is especially popular for parents of young children to keep them occupied in the car, as well as for travelers who enjoy this benefit on airplanes. 

Original content

Netflix focuses more on producing original content for TV series and movies. It has also become known for its large selection of documentaries. Another popular option is comedy specials, which can help people relax and unwind after a hard day. Many people turn to Netflix to lower stress levels. Reducing stress is crucial, whether due to work, family, outside issues, or hormonal imbalances, such as HGH deficiency. HGH deficiency in men can increase stress levels, cause anxiety, and even cause depression. Escaping into a favorite show or movie on Netflix can help you relax. 

Love this list for when I wonder what to watch on Netflix!

Diversify Your Viewing with These Shows

Expanding your horizons is an area that Netflix knows very well, and they provide a plethora of shows for young and old to learn about the world around them, as well as their bodies and health. Educational shows can be highly entertaining, providing unique insights that we can use in our daily lives. 

We take a look at some highly acclaimed shows below:

The Mind, Explained

In this documentary series, the happenings inside the brain are explored. Season one examines memory, dreams, anxiety, mindfulness, and psychedelics – season 2 features how to focus, the teenage brain, personality, creativity, and brainwashing. Episodes run from 19 to 26 minutes.

Inside Bill’s Brain

The three-part series focuses on Bill Gates as he discusses his childhood, career, and devotion to improving people’s lives in the developing world. 

Human: The World Within

Another show that delves deep inside our bodies to explore the science of how our bodies work and how the power within influences our actions in the world. This series will enlighten you with episodes that deal with subjects such as birth, the heart and circulatory system and how they power our lives, advanced biology that keeps us alive, and the brain and nervous system.


Throughout 3 seasons, episodes explore music, the world’s water crisis, astrology, extraterrestrial life, the stock market, why diets fail, the future of meat, pirates, animal intelligence, fairy tales, dance crazes, your skin, chess, flags, and more. 

Bill Nye Saves the World

The same guy from Bill Nye Science Guy brings famous guests and experts to his lab to explore scientific issues touching our lives. With topics that include AI, vaccines, diets, space travel, global warming, time travel, and what your pets think, these episodes will give you plenty to think about. 

Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know

In this documentary, scientists explore a black hole and our knowledge of the universe. 

72 Dangerous Animals

In this series, each season explores 72 animals in a region. Latin America, Asia, and Australia (not available in the US) episodes help you learn more about the other inhabitants of our planet. 

Disadvantages of Netflix

One of the biggest disadvantages subscribers claim is that Netflix often changes its catalog, removing popular shows and movies. 

Another recent change has many subscribers upset, as Netflix will start to charge for additional family members who do not reside in the same location. This new development is especially unpopular with parents of college students who use their accounts away from home while in school. Time will tell if Netflix reverses this decision, as it may lose subscribers to other streaming services. 

Unlike other streaming platforms offering free trials, Netflix does not provide this service. You cannot take it out for a “test run” to see if it fits your needs. However, since there are no contracts to sign or cancellation fees, you can subscribe for one month to check it out. We look at some of the most significant disadvantages of Netflix below. 

Kind of an outdated library

TV shows (that are not original to Netflix) are often outdated and from previous seasons.

Selection depends on your location

Geolocking means that you can only watch content available to the region you live in. You must pay for a VPN service to access your US account if you are traveling or studying abroad. 

Must wait to get new content

Unlike some streaming platforms that provide the next-day availability of current shows, Netflix does not upload until an entire season is available. 

No access to local networks or sports

Netflix does not provide local television channels or live sports events. You will need to have an external antenna or subscribe to a local cable service for that.

Number of streaming devices

While your account can allow up to five profiles, that does not mean five people can watch at the same time. Your plan type limits the number of simultaneous streams allowed. Basic users can have only one person watching Netflix at a time. Standard plans allow two viewers and Premium plans allow four people to watch or download content simultaneously.

Not affordable for everyone 

With its new rules, Netflix has made itself even less affordable for many people. A family with two students in different colleges would have to pay an additional $8 monthly for each child while away from home. Only one IP address per household qualifies under the new rules. 

Might not have enough internet speed

There are minimum internet speeds recommended for the various plans in order to receive the best service:

  • Basic (SD Quality): 3 Mbps
  • Standard (HD Quality): 5 Mbps
  • Premium (4K Quality): 25 Mbps


Whether you’re looking for ways to save money or just want to make it easy to watch your favorite shows on the go, Netflix has something for everyone. With multiple service options, no contracts, and the ability to have multiple profiles, Netflix is an excellent option for families. 

As the leading streaming service provider, Netflix can help you find enjoyable, entertaining, and enlightening shows to expand your horizons and help you relax.