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5 Ways to Boost Reading Confidence

Helping a struggling reader can be a daunting process. It’s easy to get discouraged and even annoyed by your child’s struggles but there are a few ways to boost reading confidence without losing your mind.

I’ve been there with 2 of my kids and I know that it can leave you feeling defeated. But thankfully, we were able to come out victorious and we now have a couple of readers!

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Help boost reading confidence with these 5 tips!

5 Tips to Boost Reading Confidence in Kids

Read Together:

There’s nothing that replaces the habit of reading with your child. Study after study has proved that reading books together is a great way to build strong readers, with a love of reading. From the time they’re babies, kids cherish the connections made when reading with loved ones.

Stick to Their Reading Level:

So often, we push kids to read books on their grade level but instead we should be encouraging them to read books on their reading level. It’s a simple way boost reading confidence and encourage them to love reading.

Play Word Games:

One of our favorite ways to boost reading confidence is to play word games. With so many fun games on the market, there’s always a fun game to play. The more familiar kids get with letters and words, the more confident they’ll become as readers.

Help boost reading confidence with these 5 tips!

Choose Short Books on Topics They Enjoy:

Giving kids long, boring books and expecting them to get excited about reading isn’t going to help encourage a love of reading. Instead, offer quick reads on topics they naturally enjoy. This will help boost their reading confidence as they genuinely enjoy what they’re reading about.

Find a Program to Help:

There are hundreds of programs on the market that promise to boost your child’s confidence in reading but they often leave you feeling underwhelmed. That’s why BuddyBooks by Objective Ed is such a delight!

Kids’ confidence will soar when you find a program that is enjoyable and simple to use. They’ll begin to read for longer and their reading will improve.

If your child struggles with reading or has a learning disability, like Dyslexia, this program can make a world of difference.

Help boost reading confidence with these 5 tips!

All About BuddyBooks by Objective Ed

The interactive program works as the child alternates turns reading out loud to the computer. It breaks up long paragraphs into easy-to-read chunks.

As they swap turns reading, the computer is able to help the child, if they struggle. The child can then hear themselves read the passage back and make any corrections needed in Review Mode.

Help boost reading confidence with these 5 tips!

What will my student be reading?

There are hundreds of books included with BuddyBooks. However, if your child has a learning disorder, there are millions of additional titles available to them through Bookshare.

The creators of BuddyBooks recently went to a homeschool convention and spoke with many authors there. They are excited to be adding their books to the library, as well as other books that are constantly being added.

Help boost reading confidence with these 5 tips!

How do I know if my homeschooler is dyslexic or has another learning disorder?

BuddyBooks offers a money-back guarantee on the cost of NeuroLearning screening for parents who purchase BuddyBooks. If the tested child is not eligible for Bookshare, BuddyBooks will refund the $50 for the screening. If the child is eligible, the child would have access to the entire Bookshare library at no cost until the child is 18. Bookshare books can be accessed from within BuddyBooks by entering the Bookshare username & password into BuddyBooks. Bookshare books are also available using Bookshare’s web browser reading app, but that does not provide any of the features of BuddyBooks.

How much is the program?

The program typically costs $199 but when you use the discount code JQ-HSH you’ll save $100 at checkout! That’s a small price to pay to end the struggle that comes with mastering reading.

If you’re looking for a way to help boost your child’s reading confidence while helping you keep your sanity, BuddyBooks is IT!

Help boost reading confidence with these 5 tips!

Check them out today and save $100!

Help boost reading confidence with these 5 tips!