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Family Time Challenge: Having Fun with Kids

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Does anyone else feel like they’ve just been sucked into the mundane, everyday activities and you’re itching for some quality time with your kiddos? You don’t need a fancy vacation or to spend hundreds of dollars on an extravagant night on the town. Instead, you can connect with your kiddos from the comfort of your home, using our “Family Time Challenge!”

Kids love attention and they need one-on-one time to connect with you. It builds their confidence, boosts their attitudes and makes them feel loved when they have the chance to spend quality time with their family.  But coming up with ideas on how to connect with them can seem impossible! That’s why we’re sharing our top ideas for a family time challenge with you!

This Family Fun Challenge is JUST what we need! It's so much fun and we've enjoyed the extra family time together with the kids!


Instead of wracking your brain, trying to come up with ideas that your family will enjoy, simply pick an activity or two and give them a shot! If you want to simplify it even more, join our weekly mailing list and you can download our FAMILY FUN CHALLENGE printable for free! Sign up below and you’ll gain access to our exclusive subscriber library.

30 Ideas to Connect with Your Family

Family Picnic
Read a Story Together
Family Movie Night
Walk Around the Neighborhood
Make Dinner Together
Play a Board Game
Answer Silly Questions
Do Your Chores Together
Dance Party
Sing Karaoke Songs

Write a Family Bucket List
Look Through Family Photos
Go on a Drive Around Town
Take Funny Selfies Together
Do an Art Project Together
Make a Dessert
Play in the Backyard
Build a Pillow Fort
Take a Virtual Pillow
Make S’mores

Teach Each Other Something
Water Play Outside
Play Charades
Decorate Your Sidewalk with Chalk
Go for a Hike
Family Talent Show
Outdoor Movie Night
Ice Cream Date Night
Do a Scavenger Hunt

When you need a break but can’t afford a vacation or don’t have time to squeeze in a lot of “family time,” our Family Time Challenge is exactly what you’ll need!

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This Family Fun Challenge is JUST what we need! It's so much fun and we've enjoyed the extra family time together with the kids!

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