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Homeschool Plans for 2022-2023 School Year

Check out our homeschool plans for 2022-2023 school year!

If you’ve been around here long, you know that my main priorities are math and language arts. As long as those 2 subjects get done, I’m happy. Of course, we plan for more subjects anyways. We go through phases where we’ll do history everyday for 3 months, then we’ll get on a science or geography kick. It all works fine, when I’m not micromanaging it. Plus, being able to go with the flow allows me to not lose my mind. I’m sure you can relate.

Check out these homeschool plans for 2022-2023!

Homeschool Plans for 2022-2023 School Year

Check out these homeschool plans for 2022-2023!

Bear, 9 years old:


Teaching Textbooks: We’ll stick with Teaching Textbooks next year for Barrett. We’ve used it with all of our kids, through elementary and middle school and it seems to work great. Barrett will start Level 4 next year.

Language Arts:

The Good and the Beautiful:Last year, we didn’t do a full language arts curriculum. Instead, we focused on improving Bear’s reading. I’m excited to start back up with TGATB. We have used it and loved it for years, with all of our kids. (Don’t forget, you can dowload the levels FOR FREE on their website. I totally think it’s worth it to purchase it, but the free download is always an option.)

All About Reading:This is what we used every day last yera to help Bear with his reading. He has a hearing impairment (and the attention span of a 9 year old boy) so learning to read had been a bit of a struggle. As soon as we started using All About Reading, I saw a HUGE improvement. If I had any advice for struggling readers, it would be skip the “cheaper” reading options and invest in this curriculum. You can find it fairly cheap on Ebay and it’s worth every single penny.

Reading Eggs: We use Reading Eggs a lot in the car. I love that he can play games and learn as he goes, without having to lug books around with us. It’s my very favorite app. In fact, it’s on our iPads and both mine and my husband’s phones!

Night Zookeeper: Night Zookeeper has been a game-changer in our homeschool. All About Reading was obviously making a huge impact on Bear’s reading, but I worried about the other aspects of language arts. Night Zookeeper has them covered! I love that he can do it by himself and he genuinely enjoys it! (I often call it the “Teaching Textbooks” of language arts. It does ALL of the work for you, yet they are actually learning!)


Eclectic History: One of my favorite ways to teach Bear about history is through hands-on learning. We’ll be doing lots of unit studies, paired with educational YouTube videos! (Check out this list of 150+ educational YouTube channels. It’s saved me HOURS of scrolling throughout the years.)


Eclectic Science: We’ll be using YouTube again this year to work our way through science. If you’ve never checked out Crash Course for Kids, it’s definitely a favorite around here and worth a peek!


Eat2Explore: I’m super pumped about our Eat2Explore subscription boxes. I’ve found that the boxes and informational sheets that come with it are just what we need to learn about other countries and their cultures. We’ll supplement this with videos, hands-on activities and even some art projects! I love that they send me all the hard-to-find ingredients so I’m able to cook an authentic meal, whiteout chasing down every single item.

Check out these homeschool plans for 2022-2023!

Emersyn, 14 years old:


CTCMath: I’ve always been a huge fan of CTCMath but my kids preferred Teaching Textbooks. A few years ago, Emersyn decided she would like to try CTCMath and she loved it. She likes that it’s not broken into lessons so she can work as much or as little as she wants. (This doesn’t work for everyone. You CAN assign tasks, but I don’t.)

I love that you get access to ALL levels so if you finish one level in March, you can just get started on the next. No need to buy another subscription that you won’t use all summer long. Also, your whole family gets access to the program, so it’s super affordable! And…they offer a ONE YEAR money-back guarantee. Which means, if in 11 months, you decide you hate it, you get your money back, with no questions asked!

Language Arts:

The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts High School 1: If there’s one thing I love, it’s combining subjects and no one does that quite as effortlessly as TGATB. Their High School Language arts includes literature, writing, grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, geography, art, and art history. (She earns half a credit for both art history and geography, on top of her language arts credit!) Talk about packing a lot of punch!

We used TGATB high school language arts for Natali’s entire high school career and it was such a blessing. She learned while working at her own pace. I love that the curriculum only promotes things that are both good and beautiful.

And, it’s super-duper affordable! Most of their curriculum is offered for free, as a download. However, we opt to buy the printed version so that it’s one less thing on my plate AND we can support a company that we truly love.


Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum: We’ll be using PAC biology for her Freshmen year. I love the simplicity of the workbooks and student texts. This format works super well for our family and she’s excited to learn all about biology.

World History:

Crash Course: We’ll be using Crash Course History videos as the spine of our world history curriculum. We’ll add in hands-on activities, books and other movies to go along with it. I’m excited for Emersyn to try this, as she isn’t a huge history buff. I’m hoping the fun, short videos will spark an interest for her.

Animal Explorations:

4H Curriculum: Emersyn loves animals. She has big dreams of living on a farm and taking care of all sorts of animals. She currently has 9 goats, 10 chickens, 2 cows, 2 horses and a whole slew of cats and dogs. (These are strictly hers. We don’t help her with them at all and she is financially responsible for them.) I purchased about 15 of the animal books for her to work through this year. She’s so excited that she’s already started on them.
Each book has several hands-on projects, so I’m currently looking for local folks who specialize in each of the animals that she can use as a reference for any questions she has. (For instance, I know absolutely nothing about sheep, nor does she. But she wants to learn about them so I see a trip to a sheep farm in our future!)

Life Skills:

Voyage: I’ll always make my kiddos take a life skills class in high school. Over the summer, my husband and I discussed what skills we think she will need before she graduates. We made a list and we’re going to work through that list until it’s completed. Some things are simple, like “pump gas.” Others are more involved, like “learn basic car maintenance.

Voyage is an amazing class that ensures kids know everything they need before being sent out into the world. I absolutely love the course and am so thankful we found it.

Honestly, she loves to learn so I’m pretty confident about her skills but we want to be sure to fill in any gaps.


PAC: As I already stated, we love everything about PAC so I’m super excited about Emersyn using the Principles and Precepts of Government course. It’s only half a credit so she’ll have to take another government course later in high school but I think it’s a great thing to kick off her high school career with.

And that my friends, is our homeschool plans for 2022-2023 school year!

Check out these homeschool plans for 2022-2023!

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It’s always neat to see how other homeschoolers’ have changed over the years. I’ve definitely relaxed and taken a more enjoyable approach that includes lots of educational YouTube videos and even more field trips!

What are YOUR homeschool plans for 2022-2023?
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