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High School Math: Why I’ll Never Teach It Again!

Teaching high school math has never sounded like a fun task to me. Trigonometry, prepping for the SAT and consumer math just aren’t really my favorite things in the world. Heck, I never even made it to trigonometry myself in high school! In fact, once we hit pre-algebra, I’m pretty much useless when it comes to teaching math. I simply don’t remember enough from my own school days and I’m not confident enough to teach it correctly.

Teaching high school math is hard.  From finding the time to teach it, to helping your child understand difficult concepts, it’s not a fun thing for anyone. Throw in a homeschool mom who isn’t a numbers girl and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

But the thing is, high school math is super important. Each and every math lesson is building the knowledge kids need for the future. If they really understand the ideas being taught, they will score higher on college tests. 

That means that their ability to understand math concepts can save them thousands of dollars in student loans!

For that reason alone, I knew I needed help teaching high school math! Mr. D is just the guy to help takeover teaching our high school math!

This post is sponsored by Mr. D Math. I was compensated for my time but a positive review was not guaranteed.

High school math is much easier when you allow it to be! I love these ideas.


Who is Mr. D?

Dennis DiNoia was previously a public school teacher that has been a part of the education scene for over 30 years. He has been a Florida State Certified Secondary Mathematics Teacher since 1988 and holds a M.A. in Education from the University of South Florida. While his credentials are impressive, it’s his approach to teaching that sets him apart. 

Mr. D encourages problem-solving skills in everyday life. He offers a unique approach to learning difficult concepts and proven test-taking skills. Mr. D offers a new online experience like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Almost as importantly as his unique approach to teaching is his vibrant personality. Students feel comfortable chatting with Mr. D because he puts in the effort to get to know them.

The few minutes before class begins are full of stories, chatter and funny jokes. The students enjoy Mr. D’s company and treat him as a friend.

If you’ve ever had a “boring old teacher” try to explain something to your child, you know how important it is that your child doesn’t think the teacher is lame. If they aren’t a fan of the teacher, they basically disregard everything the teacher has to say. 

With Mr. D, the kids joke around with him but when it’s time to learn, they respect him and listen intently. In fact, students look forward to learning math because of Mr. D’s charismatic personality.

High school math is much easier when you allow it to be! I love these ideas.

How Can He Help Me?

Mr. D offers high school math classes that take the struggle out of learning. Students who struggle with math will blossom and grow their confidence. 

The most important thing that Mr. D has done in our own homeschool is inspire my kids to realize that math isn’t hard or boring. With the right approach, math can be fun!

What Classes are Offered?

Mr. D Math offers both live and self-paced high school math classes.

The live classes meet at the same time each week, while the self-paced allow your student to work at their own speed.

Algebra II
Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry
Test Prep (ACT & SAT)

Why Should I Pass the Teaching to Mr. D?

Flexibility for Students:

If your child thrives on working at their own pace, the self-paced classes are just what they need. If they prefer more structure and deadlines, the live classes are the right fit for them!

More Time for Mom:

Let’s be real: homeschooling sucks a LOT of time and energy from already busy moms. But when you pass off the responsibility for teaching high school math to someone else, you free up a lot of time. 

These extra hours each week can be used however you want.  Catch up on the piles of laundry, help the “littles” with their schoolwork, make a quick run to Starbucks or just sit peacefully on the couch and scroll through Facebook. Whatever you decide to do, allowing Mr. D to teach your high schooler will free up a few hours each week to do things that need done.

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Top Quality Instructions:

While homeschool moms obviously do their best to teach their kiddos, they often struggle to put math concepts into words that teenagers understand. Allowing Mr. D to do the teaching for you ensures that your child will not only receive top-notch education, but also they can reach out with any questions they have. Sometimes, when teaching high school math, just having that extra set of ears to listen to your struggles is worth more than you actually pay for your class.

Improved Chance of Further Education:

Kids who struggle with a subject, especially math, are much  more likely to skip out on higher education. Having a full-grasp of complicated math concepts help them feel more confident in their studies and makes them more apt to go to college.
When you’re not good at something, you don’t generally want to do any more than necessary and math is no exception. Giving your kids a high-quality math curriculum that’ll help them understand the teachings is vital for high school math.

Saves Your Relationship:

Raise your hand if you’ve ever taught a math lesson that ended in tears. (Do you see the two hands and a foot that I’m raising!?! That’s how  math goes around our house…)

Being a homeschool mom is hard because you have to be able to juggle wearing the “teacher hat” and the “mom hats” that you’re expected to wear. When Dad comes home from work and asks how school went, it can open yet another can of worms. 

Allowing someone else to teach your kiddo helps ensure your mother/child relationship stays a happy one.

Do What You Enjoy:

Allowing children to learn in a way that is easy to understand saves them hours of time struggling to grasp concepts. Instead of pouring over their math books, trying to understand the teachings, they can ask Mr. D all the questions they wish. This gives them more free time to chase their passions, whether it be art or guitar. 

Mr. D teaches high school math in a way that’s easy-to-understand, efficient and builds confidence. If you’re looking for a way to simplify your homeschool next year, you can’t miss Mr. D math!

High school math is much easier when you allow it to be! I love these ideas.

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