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Educational Easter Basket Ideas for 9-12 Year Olds

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Spring has sprung and Easter is quickly approaching. This year, say good-bye to useless junk and use these educational Easter basket ideas for 9-12 year old kids!

In an attempt to make Easter baskets more than just sugar-filled gifts, we’ve rounded up 10 educational Easter basket ideas for the 9-12 crowd!

Awesome list of educational Easter basket ideas for 9-12 year olds! I would've never thought of some of these!!!

 10 Educational Easter Basket Ideas

Kindle Fire-

Kids this age love electronics and now is the perfect time to gift them their own Kindle Fire. With parent controls and an affordable price tag, the Kindle Fire can’t be beat. Download e-books and audio books, play educational games or surf the web on the Kindle Fire.


Put the whole world in your kiddo’s Easter basket with fun wall maps. Hang them in bedrooms, hallways or keep them rolled up neatly for easy handling. Letting kids explore maps and learn the location of countries is very important.


Awesome list of educational Easter basket ideas for 9-12 year olds!

Kids will fall in love with Zoob Builderz and moms everywhere will love the open-ended activities. Whether you choose to build your own creation or complete one of the challenges, Zoob Builderz will provide hours of fun. We love the STEM Challenge set and it comes complete with everything you need to complete over 20 challenges.

Art Sets-

Inspire your child’s love of art with a fun set that includes everything from chalk to watercolors. Let kids explore the different mediums on their own and come up with gorgeous artwork. This set is perfect for kids who love to watch YouTube tutorials. They can easily have all of their art supplies handy!

Board Game-

Board games are as fun as they are educational. There are hundreds of games on the market that help build skills and critical thinking. Some of our current favorites include Suspend, Uno Attack and Forbidden Island. (Check out our list of over 150 educational board games!)

Weaving Kit-

Take your kiddos back in time to the 80’s when everyone was creating potholders for friends, family and neighbors. Bright colored bands woven together can create more than just potholders. Check out YouTube for fun projects like purses and pencil holders!

Ancient World Book-

What kiddo wouldn’t want to find a fun history book in their Easter basket? With bright photos, bite-sized peices of information and fun facts, kids will LOVE this book. Even those who aren’t interested in reading or history will flip through this Usborne book in amazement.

Coloring Book-

Kids in the 9-12 age range have outgrown little kid coloring books but they will love their own adult coloring book. With more detailed pictures, coloring is fun again and the results are stunning!

Disc Golf Set-

For under $25, you can provide a fun activity that the whole family will love. Practice throwing and aim with this fun twist on golf. Frisbee are also fun to simply toss around in the backyard with the family.

Snap Circuits-

Introduce your kids to electronics through a fun Circuit Set. Create a burglar alarm, doorbell, radio and more with this fun set. All you need are 2 AA batteries and a few hours set aside for fun exploration. Once you’ve completed one project, simply disassemble it and start on your next one!

Awesome list of educational Easter basket ideas for 9-12 year olds! I would've never thought of some of these!!!

We’d love to hear your educational Easter basket ideas!