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Educational Easter Basket Ideas for 5-8 Year Olds

The Easter Bunny has been bringing baskets full of fun to kiddos for years! But this year, he’s opting to distribute a simpler, more meaningful Easter basket. Instead of pointless “fillers,” he’s searching for high quality and affordable items to place in Easter baskets. Instead of chintzy toys, he’s aiming for educational Easter basket ideas for 5-8 year olds!

We found 10 amazing educational Easter basket ideas that you won’t want to miss!

Such great educational Easter basket ideas! I am in LOVE! No more junk to fill our baskets!

10 Educational Easter Basket Ideas for 5-8 Year Olds


Use it for writing or drawing; it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that kids are learning to create while have a ball! Colorful sets of chalk can be picked up and used throughout the year, whether on your sidewalk or someone else’s! 🙂


Kids have a natural love for learning but it often fades when they’re faced with boring books and writing assignments. Help your child fall in love with books by getting your hands on something fun, like the Shine-a-Light book from Usborne Books and More. We love “On the Space Station” book but “The Human Body” is a close second. Pair one of these fun books with a flashlight to finish off your Easter basket.

Such great educational Easter basket ideas! I am in LOVE! No more junk to fill our baskets!Science Kit-

Create cars that move from magnets or build a magnetic man. The kids will love exploring the force fields with a simple magnetic kit. Hours of fun can be had with just a few simple magnets and strings!

Board Games-

We love enjoying family time with an exciting board game! While kids may not notice, family game night is extremely educational. Whether you opt for Monopoly or Scrambled States of America, now is a great time to start a family tradition. If the Easter Bunny brings each kiddo an exciting game of their own, you can start holding a weekly game night. All you  need is a few packs of popcorn and other yummy treats.


Kids this age love exploring! With a trusty compass in hand, there’s guaranteed adventures in your future. Look for an affordable yet high quality compass to teach your kiddos their directions.

Such great educational Easter basket ideas! I am in LOVE! No more junk to fill our baskets!Finger Paint-

Conquer fine motor skills with easy-to-clean finger paints. Allow kiddos to create a masterpiece on canvas or paper, then hang it proudly in your home. They’ll love seeing it every day!

Finger-String Games-

Kiddos will fall in love with Finger String Games, just as the kids of generations past have. From creating the Cat’s Cradle to Jacob’s Ladder, let your kiddos experience fun of the past with these simple games.

Art Lessons-

Artsy kids can’t get enough of painting and drawing but what about chalk pastels? These cheap art supplies are a fun medium for budding artists to work with. Pair them with the amazing tutorials from You Are An Artist to help get your little one started on the right foot.

Tether Ball-

Many young kids have never experienced the fun of hitting a tethered ball back and forth with your friends. For under $50, you can have a fun game for the whole family! What a great way to encourage the kids to get outside for a few hours!

KEVA Brain Builders-

What can you create out of a set of perfectly crafted wooden planks? Quite a bit, actually. KEVA Brain Builders encourage your kiddos to test the limits, solve problems and have fun, all at the same time! Recreate the structures on the idea cards for a challenge like you’ve never experienced!

Is the Easter bunny looking for educational Easter basket ideas to deliver to your house, too?

Such great educational Easter basket ideas! I am in LOVE! No more junk to fill our baskets!

We’d love to hear what’s going to be in your Easter baskets!