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Using Khan Academy in Your Homeschool


Otherwise known in the homeschooling world as “The Spawn of Satan.”

Hours of explanations, examples and slaving over your textbook just aren’t helping. But this isn’t just a homeschool problem. Many public school teachers just can’t seem to make math “click” with their students.

That’s the problem Sal Khan’s cousin was having.  Sal solved the problem for his cousins and thousands of others all over the world when he created Khan Academy.  The humble beginnings of Khan Academy soon exploded into an 100+ person team made up of scientist, teachers, developers and more.

Using Khan Academy in your homeschool is genius! Save time and money and quit arguing with your kids about their school work!

You might be saying “This guy must be crazy! Why would he create such a site for FREE?!?”

Sal Kahn is more than qualified to teach your child, as he holds three degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard. Khan Academy’s mission is pretty simple: “to provide a free, world class education to anyone, anywhere.” Mr. Khan understands the importance of a good education and thinks everyone deserves it. The site boasts  it is “free for everyone. Forever.” As someone who has paid hundreds of dollars for curriculum, I think that’s pretty amazing!

The website has taken the homeschool world by storm. You can use the site as a stand-alone curriculum or just go there when you need a little extra help. The videos are easy to understand, short and to the point. No need for long lectures. The average video is only 12 minutes long and packed with everything you need to know and nothing you don’t.

The time and effort it took to create such an amazing site is mind-blowing. The fact that they’ve made it fun for kids is just an added bonus. With avatars, energy points and badges as motivation, kids look forward to spending time on Khan Academy. They work hard towards mastery so they can earn more points and challenges. Parents can use the site to identify gaps in their child’s education, learning exactly what they need help with.

But how does using Khan Academy in your homeschool work? Well, the thing is, Khan Academy is no longer just a math tutoring website. In fact, it now offers nearly 40 different subjects and 13,000 instructional videos covering everything from beginning math to linear algebra and it’s all Common Core aligned. Besides math, you can learn science, computing, arts and humanities, economics and finance and test prep.  Then of course, there are 6 more videos on college admissions.

The list of classes currently include:


To say Khan Academy covers it all is an understatement. The site has revolutionized quality education like few websites have managed to do. This is definitely one time the quote “You get what you pay for” doesn’t apply!

Using Khan Academy in your homeschool is a great idea!


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