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Homeschool for Free with TGATB

Do you ever look at homeschool curriculum and wish you could just have a beautiful curriculum that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? One that’s open-and-go, easy to use and promotes good attitudes? Lucky for you, you can! Heck, you can even homeschool for free with TGATB!

The Good and the Beautiful (TGATB) is a gorgeous curriculum that’s packed full of colorful pictures, wholesome stories and encouraging words.

Did you know you can homeschool for free with TGATB? They offer their top-of-the line language arts program to download for FREE!

All About The Good and the Beautiful

They Got Ya Covered:

TGATB is a fairly new curriculum that is still releasing and updating their programs. They offer language arts, science, history, handwriting, art, electives and math. While they’re still rolling out some levels, language arts is available, all the way up to 11th grade. Math is currently only available up to level 3. There are several science and history units to choose from. So, more than likely, there is something for the whole family.

Family Style:

TGATB offers family-style lessons in their curriculum. That means you can grab all of your kiddos and sit around the table and do lessons together. For instance, you’ll use the same science curriculum for the whole family but each older students will have a bigger workload than younger students.

Combines Multiple Subjects:

My favorite thing about TGATB is that it combines several subjects in one lesson. The language arts also includes art lessons and geography lessons. I love that we can check off more than one box, with one curriculum.

Requires No Prep Work:

As you know, I’m a self-proclaimed “lazy homeschooler.” That means I don’t want to spend hours prepping our curriculum each week. Instead, I look for curriculum that I can simply open and go, no matter how exhausted I am!

Is Good and Beautiful:

One of my biggest pet peeves with children’s books is when they promote bratty attitudes in kids. The Good and the Beautiful only uses good and beautiful books. They are wholesome, old-school books that kids enjoy! I am a firm believer that our kids don’t need any more negative influences in their lives.

Checklist Included:

My daughter loves having a ready-to-go checklist each day, complete with everything she needs to get done for the day! I love that she doesn’t tell me she’s done with her work before every box has been checked. It’s a great tool that keeps her organized and makes sure she doesn’t miss a thing!

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How to Homeschool for free with TGATB

If TGATB sounds too good to be true, hang on to your hat! You can actually homeschool for free using TGATB’s language arts!

Levels 1-5 language arts are available for free as a downloadable PDF.

That means you can print it out, stick it in your binder and use it for nothing more than the cost of ink and paper!

However, I’ve never done this because it’s simply so cheap to order it, already printed and beautifully bound. But if your budget is tight, you can certainly download the curriculum and print the pages you need but if you can swing 40 or 50 bucks, I would highly, highly recommend it!

Is TGATB a Full Language Arts curriculum?

It is! Pair it with their handwriting books and I would consider it an amazing, full curriculum. We love and enjoy it, year after year!

As a blogger, I have the opportunity to review and test out a lot of different curriculum yet this is what I use!

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If you’re looking for an affordable and gorgeous curriculum that does all the work for you, you can’t miss TGATB!


Did you know you can homeschool for free with TGATB? They offer their top-of-the line language arts program to download for FREE!

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