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Homeschool Marine Science Camps

Are you looking for a new and fresh way to teach marine science? You can’ t miss Greg Landry’s homeschool marine science camp for homeschoolers!

There are certain things that I just don’t want to teach. Then there are those things I simply can’t teach because I know nothing about them. For instance, I hate teaching math but I know so little about science that it can often be a struggle.

Of course, I could teach science just fine in the younger years. My elementary-aged kids were happy with fun experiments and reading out of boring old textbooks.

But the older my kids got, the more they grew passionate about the things that they loved. And I can’t always teach them in the way they deserve.

In fact, when a kid is truly passionate about a topic, they probably know more about it than you and me. That’s why it’s important to recognize this and call in the big shots!

This post is sponsored by Greg Landry Science. All opinions are my own. I was compensated for my time.
Greg Landry's homeschool science marine camp is AMAZING!

When Natali was a senior, we dropped over $2,000 for her to take a senior trip to the beach with her friends. I thought since they were all homeschoolers, they would’ve naturally explored the beaches, learning all about marine life.

But instead, they slept until noon, hung around in their condo, with their heads in their electronics until 2 or 3 each day then finally ventured out for dinner. I think they spent most of their time sleeping or in the pool.

That’s not exactly what I had in mind when I laid down a big ol’ chunk of money for her to have a “good experience.”

In hindsight, they were just teenagers who were getting their first taste of freedom. But I can’t help but think about how much more fun she would’ve had if I’d invested that money for her, in an equally amazing trip, but with a little bit of guidance.

When I think about the amazing homeschool marine science camps that Greg Landry is putting on for homeschooled teens, I can’t help but wish I’d sent her there instead.

Greg Landry's homeschool science marine camp is AMAZING!

All About Greg Landry’s Homeschool Marine Science Camp

Safe & Secure:

The truth is, our kids are our greatest treasures and sending them off on their own is scary. Like, really scary. But when you’re confident that they’re safe and secure, it’s easier to let go of that scared feeling and really allow them to have fun and make memories, like never before.

Greg Landry is a former homeschool dad and college professor who has found his calling in helping inspire young kids who love science. He’s been leading academic camps for over 10 years so he’s an old pro at this!

Work Hard, Play Hard:

During the weeklong homeschool science camps, your kids will dive deep into the marine world with hands-on activities, trips to aquariums and exploring the bay aboard a research boat.

And while that doesn’t exactly sound like “work,” your teens will have equal amounts of fun “play” time. They’ll build a ROV (remotely operated vehicle), dissect squid and measure waves in the Gulf of Mexico.

While the teens will be diving deep into science marine camp, they’ll have so much fun that they won’t be able to tell where the work ends and the fun begins! Because it’s ALL fun!

Greg Landry's homeschool science marine camp is AMAZING!

No Electronics:

Probably my favorite part of Greg Landry’s homeschool science camps is that he doesn’t allow teens to just sit on their phones and miss the opportunities at hand.
Students are allowed about 15 minutes each night to call their parents, but otherwise, they don’t have access to phones, laptops or other personal electronics.

Teen Time:

Let’s be real: teens love hanging out with other teens. Because these camps are designed for kids between the ages of 13 and 18, your teen doesn’t have to worry about it feeling too babyish.

Teens will love spending an entire week surrounded by other homeschoolers, from all over the country! They’ll stay in the same house, eat meals together, explore the ocean and create new friendships that’ll last a lifetime.

Earn Credit:

While Greg Landry’s homeschool science camps sound like nothing but educational fun, there’s more to it than that! Your student will also be earning half a credit of marine science. But best of all, it’ll be a lab credit, so you can mark that pesky task off your to-do list before your kiddo graduates.

Camp of a Lifetime:

Can you even imagine the stories your teen will tell, the memories they’ll make and the in-depth education they’ll gain when attending Greg Landry’s homeschool marine science camp? They’ll have the time of their life, experiencing things that most teens only dream of. Best of all, they’ll have a spark ignited within them to help push them to work harder, towards their big goals and dream careers.

There is literally no other camp that even compares to Greg Landry’s marine science camp for homeschoolers!

Greg Landry's homeschool science marine camp is AMAZING!

If you’re looking for a marine camp that’s designed just for homeschoolers, you can’t miss Greg Landry’s science camps! They’re an investment that your kids will thank you for for the rest of your life!

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Greg Landry's homeschool science marine camp is AMAZING!

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