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Homeschool High School Science with Littles

You roll out of bed, achy and still tired. Your feet hit the floor and land right on top of a stray Lego. You stumble to the bathroom, only to find the kids have already destroyed it. Breakfast is nothing more than a chorus of mishaps and complaints. The kids are grumpy. You are in a foul mood and the day is already shot. There’s not much worse than starting your day off on the wrong foot.

By the time you get done homeschooling, your teen practically hates you and your littles are begging for attention. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Last year was our first year of homeschooling high school. And let me tell ya, I had a lot to learn when it came to figuring out what works. Math was okay. Our English wasn’t such a struggle. History wasn’t too bad but science…oh, science! I thought homeschool high school science was going to break me!

Finally, about halfway through the year, I figured out just how I would survive! It took me several months, hours of agonizing and hundreds of tears but I finally got it. And when I did, I felt awful silly because, in all honesty, it wasn’t rocket science. I just had my priorities wrong!

We finally broke through! No more struggle with homeschool high school science! The littles are happy and my teen can do her work again, thanks to College Prep Science! #onlineclasses #homeschooling #littles

How to Homeschool High School Science with Young Kids at Home

Set Aside Time Just for Teens:

Well, duh! It seems so simple but when I really set aside time to be alone with my high schooler, it made a world of difference! She had time to ask questions, connect with me and get caught up on her school work, without the interruption of little voices!
We made it a habit to send the littles to Grandma’s house for one afternoon each week. This was my time to plan, destress and connect with my teen. She had me all to herself and it truly transformed our relationship!

Fill the Little’s Cups First:

My whole routine had to change in order to ensure I was able to homeschool high school science. It isn’t an easy task and the interruptions were killing us! Instead of waking up and trying to get ahead of the whining, we addressed the whining first. What’s that mean? Well, first thing in the morning, I spend about 30 minutes snuggling with my littles, tending to them. This may include breakfast or reading a book. Whatever they need, that’s what we do. Then, I found that they interrupt our homeschool a lot less once they’ve already had their time with Mommy.


We finally broke through! No more struggle with homeschool high school science! The littles are happy and my teen can do her work again, thanks to College Prep Science! #onlineclasses #homeschooling #littles

The truth is, homeschool is hard. Toss in something like trying to homeschool high school science (or whatever class you struggle with!) and it’s a whole ‘nother level of crazy. Instead of pushing through, we decided to simplify. We stepped back from our classes and reassessed what needed to be done and what could be dropped. After dropping a few classes, we were able to conquer the most important tasks on our list easier.

Use Online Classes:

The world is quickly converting into an online world and you can either fight it or embrace it. We’ve decided to simply embrace it. Online classes have taken over our homeschool, making it less of a headache for me to actually teach my teen. In fact, her homeschool high school science class is her absolute favorite! She loves that she can head to her room and get her school work done, free from distractions and siblings. I love that the classes are taught by a trusted professor, with over 20 years of homeschooling experience. It’s literally the best of both worlds!

Use Your Hours Wisely:

What if I told you that you don’t have to homeschool between the hours of 8 and 3? Until my husband gets home, I focus on subjects that our whole family enjoys. Once he gets home from work, I head to my daughter’s room and we catch up on her school work. Truth be told, if you use something like College Prep Science, the hard work is done for you! Your child can do most of it on their own after attending the live classes.

There’s no denying that homeschool high school science was our hardest subject last year. But this year, we’re armed and ready with live classes offered by College Prep Science! We’ll be working smarter, not harder and our littles will benefit just as much as our high schooler!

We finally broke through! No more struggle with homeschool high school science! The littles are happy and my teen can do her work again, thanks to College Prep Science! #onlineclasses #homeschooling #littles

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