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Promote a Healthy Lifestyle for Kids

Children are often feeling lethargic after school. Despite our concern regarding having a physically active and social life, they might just not be up for the task. Somewhere because of our ignorance to some basic activities, we’re cultivating lethargy in the children. There are simple steps that can be taken to make them more active and enthusiastic about life after school hours.

This post is submitted by Squaberry.Promote a healthy lifestyle for kids with simple changes to their routine. These 5 tips will make your life easier and make your kids more healthy!

Here are a few things you can do to ensure a healthy lifestyle for kids:

1. Ensure Bedding is Comfortable

Bedding is an integral part of a child’s growing and nourishment. If there is even a little compromise on the comfort level during sleep, the child may end up developing stress and mental unease. Getting your child the perfect bedding needs to be your first and foremost step. Check his pillow and ask yourself if he can sleep comfortably on this. Remember, your child is much younger than you and his level of expectation for comfort may be much different than yours.

Change his pillow if he thinks its too soft, too high or too stiff. Ensure the bedding is taken care of along with his sleeping hours. A child must have 10-12 hours of sleep on a daily basis. A healthy and well-slept mind ensures 100% productivity the next day.

2. Combine Health and Fun

Your child needs to be treated loyally. Never trick him into doing something healthy by offering him a reward or unreal fun. You just have to find the perfect combination of being healthy and doing it in a fun way!

Make shapes out of meat and vegetables and serve to the child so he is interested in the food you prepared. Instead of feeding him one vegetable at a time, saute a few colorful vegetables or prepare a fresh salad so he feels interested in the colors on the plate. You can also give him rewards for eating healthy all week by offering a scoop of ice cream on Sunday. Eating healthy and staying satisfied with food habits will also make him active and more productive.

3. Make Sure There’s Plenty of Fluids

Whatever habits children develop in their early years, they are more likely to carry them out for the rest of their lives. Therefore, developing a habit of fluid intake is necessary for an active and healthy lifestyle. 6 glasses of water and 2 cups of milk on a daily basis are just what a child needs to stay mentally active and present. Switching between plain milk and milkshakes is also a good option.

You can also try smoothies and fresh juices of fruits and vegetables, as per the liking of your child. The minerals and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables help retain energy in the body, in turn keeping a person fresh.

4. Introduce Games

A social interaction in the form of games and sports is a good idea to keep your child active. Even if there is a PE class at school, it wouldn’t hurt to spend an hour in the park meeting new people. Playing catch or even with a Frisbee can help improve the child’s mental and physical health immensely.

5. Restrict Digital Entertainment

Despite living in the modern, digital age, we must avoid an overuse of electronic mediums such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. If necessary, there should be weekend specific for digital entertainment. Too much television or screen usage leads to stress on eyes and an overall lethargy in the mood.

In today’s world, kids’ mental and emotional health relies on taking good care of their bodies. Using these simple tips, teach your kids to respect and care for themselves properly. After all, you only get one body!