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Apologia’s Homeschool Reading Curriculum

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I never thought the day would come when I had to force my child to read. I’ve always been laid-back, allowing her to read at her leisure. I didn’t want to push or pressure her and make her dislike reading. I know how important it is for kids to find their love of reading on their own. But it just wasn’t happening.
So, as homeschool moms do, I had to find an alternative. I knew I needed something that let her read books she would love, but also tie in all the other important aspects of reading.  These things were not “just happening” like I had hoped they would.

 Lucky for me, one of my favorite curriculum brands offered me their latest homeschool reading curriculum. Immediately I knew I had found a match. 

{I received this product for free and was compensated for my time.  All opinions are 100% my own.}

Apologia's Readers in Residence is our new favorite homeschool reading curriculum!


Apologia’s Readers In Residence curriculum is the whole she-bang. It includes favorite classic stories, vocabulary and how to determine important details about the books and authors.

5 Things I Love about Readers in Residence:


It’s perfect for 4th grade and up:Apologia's Readers in Residence is our new favorite homeschool reading curriculum!

Both my 8th grader and my 4th grader will be able to work through this homeschool reading curriculum together. I love this, as it allows us to enjoy our read-aloud together as a family, while both girls are learning. While the first edition is geared towards 4th-6th graders, my 8th grade avid-reader should be able to still enjoy the books, while not thinking they are too babyish.

The books are classics:

I get so sick of reading the hottest new books to my kids. I want classics that I love and that they will love. With Sarah, Plain and Tall, Charlotte’s Web and Because of Winn Dixie as our books, I will get to enjoy some of my favorites right next to my kiddos. The kids also get to choose 3 books of their own to study while using Readers in Residence.

Vocabulary is fun and easy:

Learning new words in context is the easiest way to remember them. This homeschool reading curriculum makes vocabulary a breeze. Simply find the word in the book and figure out what it means by using context clues. Not only does this help kids remember their vocabulary words easier but it also teaches them how to use context clues and hints to determine the meaning of unknown words.

Apologia's Readers in Residence is our new favorite homeschool reading curriculum!

All the hard work is done:

Some homeschool reading curriculum can leave much to be desired. With tons of work required of the teacher, they’re hardly a good fit for busy families. But Readers in Residence is different. The work is done for you. The answer key is easy to understand and doesn’t require a 30 minute YouTube video to get started. The curriculum is engaging and colorful so kids will want to do it! 

You get to part-ay!

So it may not be 1999 anymore but with this homeschool reading curriculum, kids will LOVE that they get to party. The curriculum encourages readers to share their love of reading with family and friends of all ages. It has ideas for kick-off parties, questions to ask their friends and even fun theme ideas. Getting kids excited about books is one way to ensure they fall in love with reading, while making it fun for all.


With hundreds of homeschool reading curriculum on the market, Apologia’s Readers in Residence is the most thorough and fun. Who says learning has to be a bore? With classic books and colorful all-in-one workbooks, you can’t go wrong!


Apologia's Readers in Residence is our new favorite homeschool reading curriculum!

Grab a free sample of Readers in Residence today.  You won’t be disappointed!
While you’re there, be sure to pick up a FREE Eclipse Activity E-book the whole family will enjoy!

Find more from Apologia here:

Apologia's Readers in Residence is our new favorite homeschool reading curriculum!







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