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25+ Usborne Science Books for Homeschoolers

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Usborne Books and More is the leader in quality non-fiction books for children. They deliver a hands on experience that make kids ENJOY reading.  From vibrant and engaging images to their easy-to-digest bits of information, kids can’t get enough of these book.
We’ve rounded up the best of the best and are here to present you with 27 Usborne Science Books for Homeschoolers!

 FINALLY! A one-stop-shop for Usborne science books for homeschoolers. Human body, dinosaurs, oceans, animals...this covers EVERYTHING for me!

Our Favorite Usborne Science Books for Homeschoolers



Lift the Flap: Question and Answers about Dinosaurs: ($14.99)

If you’re looking for a book that will keep your kids engaged, asking questions and wanting to learn more, the Life the Flap books are just what you need. They are full of questions and answers, from easy to hard. The dinosaur book is perfect for kids ages 4+ that are interested and looking to learn more about dinos.

Big Dinosaur Sticker Book: ($8.99)

Looking for some hands on reading material for your little one? Usborne sticker books are perfect for those kids who like to keep their hands busy while they learn. No more fidgeting while you read to them. Instead, they’ll love placing the dinosaur stickers where they belong. With over 250 stickers, your kids will love learning all about dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs: ($4.99)

This easy to read book is perfect for emerging readers who love adventure and dinos. Little ones will want to read it time and time again!

Big Book of Big Dinosaurs: ($14.99)

Your kiddos will fall in love with Usborne’s Big Book Series after getting their hands on the Big Book of Big Dinosaurs. Complete with HUGE fold out pages and timelines, this book is jam-packed with facts and information about all kinds of dinosaurs.


1,000 Animals: ($14.99)

The bright and engaging animal illustrations in this book will have our whole family hooked. Learn about  everything from unusual animals to dogs and cats. The pictures are vibrant and fun, drawing kids in and encouraging their love of animals.

Life the Flap: Question and Answers About Animals: ($14.99)

If you’ve ever wondered how a crocodile cleans his teeth, then you need to add this fun book to your collection. With over 50 flaps to lift, you will learn all kinds of interesting facts you never even thought of!

Secrets of Animal Camouflage: ($12.99)

One of our favorites from the Shine a Light Series, this book is amazing at demonstrating just how well each animal’s camouflage works. With everything from Arctic Foxes to discreetly camouflaged butterflies, you kids will fall in love with this book.

Best Usborne science book for homeschoolersUsborne World of Animals: ($14.99)

If the cover of this vibrant book doesn’t convince you that it’s needed on your family’s bookshelf, one quick flip through it definitely will. With gorgeous photos, bite-size chunks of information and a fact file, your family will love this book. It’s one of my family’s favorites.

The Great Animal Search: ($9.99)

Kids will love looking through each habitat for the hidden animals. Each page covers a different region of the world and is packed with fun facts and information about the animals who live there. You will spend hours poring over this fun “seek and find” book.

Look Inside Animal Homes: ($14.99)

Your kids will love learning about all animal’s homes. In trees, behind reeds and underground, there are animal homes all around! Brilliant flaps make this book extra fun.

Big Book of Big Animals: ($14.99)

Learn all about the largest animals in the world, from elephants to whales! The tallest, longest and heaviest animals might just surprise you! {Did you know a blue whale is BIGGER than the largest dinosaur?} This fun book is HUGE and filled with fold out pages that kids adore.

Amy Wild, Animal Talker: ($4.99)

This fun series is perfect for those who are just beginning to explore chapter books. The short and wholesome stories are silly and fun. With 5 books available, you can read along with bunnies, kittens, dogs and other animals.


Secrets of the Seashore: ($12.99)

Use a flashlight to discover the mysteries of the shore.  Learn about shrimp, otters, snails and more with this exciting hands on book.

Lift the Flaps Under the Sea: ($9.99)

Take a fun trip to the ocean and check out what is living below the surface.  You’ll discover seahorses, coral, dolphins, sharks, shallow water fish and more. The illustrations and flaps are perfect for little hands who love to explore.

1,000 Things Under the Sea: ($14.99)

Discover new creatures that you’ve never heard of with this book of 1,000 things you will find under the sea. This book is a great starting point for those who wish to expand on each animal or plant.

First Encyclopedia of Seas and Oceans: ($17.99)

If you’re looking for tidbits of information on everything from warming waters to coast life, this book is perfect! Its colorful illustrations bring sea creatures to life for kids.

Lift the Flap Sharks: Usborne science books for homeschoolers($11.99)

Learn all about sharks in this adorable lift-the-flap book. No longer will your child just think of sharks as scary fish but instead they’ll learn all sorts of fun facts.  {Did you know that sharks bite so hard they often snap their teeth?}

Shark Bait Extreme Adventures: ($4.99)

Sam Fox and his friends are swept off the coast of the Great Barrier Reef and must work to survive. With short chapters packed with excitement, kids will devour the entire book in no time!

Human Body:

Big Book of the Human Body: ($14.99)

If you’ve never experienced Usborne’s Big Books, you’re missing out. With 4 HUGE fold out pages, you don’t need to squint to see the details. Explore the different systems of the body while learning all kinds of interesting facts.

See Inside Your Body: ($14.99)

Little fingers will love to lift the flaps as they explore the human body.  The “See Inside” series are wonderful for presenting little known facts in a way that kids can easily understand. If your kids have ever wondered just exactly what happens to the food you eat or why people often choke on drinks, they’ll love this book.

The Complete Book of the Human Body: ($14.99)

If you’re looking for a book with microscopic views, detailed diagrams and plenty of additional resource, this is the book you need. Kids love the action packed book with everything from how to take your own pulse to how to trick your brain.

Lift the Flap Question and Answer About the Body: ($14.99)

The Life the Flap series  is one of Usborne’s most popular sellers and it’s no doubt why. With plenty of fun flaps that uncover facts and information, kids love exploring and learning. The pictures are so bright and eye-catching that kids will go ga-ga over them!

100 Things to Know About the Human Body: ($12.99)

This book offers fun info graphics, colorful illustrations and plenty of bright images to keep your kiddos engaged. Bite-sized chunks of information make reading a breeze and helps kids fully grasp the information being presented.

The Human Body: ($12.99) 

Another favorite from the “Shine the Light” series, this book will have your kids begging for more. It covers everything from how muscles flex to why we have baby teeth.

Human Body Reference Book: ($9.99)

Learn about organs, bones, skeletal systems and more with this fact-packed book. The colorful illustrations and small bites of information make it perfect for kids of all ages.

Introduction to Genes and DNA: ($11.99)

Introduce your kids to DNA testing and cloning to everything in between. This book is geared towards kids 9 and up but some younger kids would enjoy it.

Your Body: ($4.99)

One of Usborne’s famous nonfiction titles, this little book is full of bits of information  your kids will love. From the vibrant detailed photos to the Internet links, this little hardback book far exceeds expectations.

There you have it!

Our top Usborne science books for homeschoolers!

With so many choices, Usborne Books and more has something everyone will LOVE! Usborne science books for homeschoolers will make the perfect addition to any curriculum!

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