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Homeschool Writing Made Easy!

It’s not very often that I find a curriculum that works for us, year after year. Sometimes, even when we’ve found the perfect curriculum, we still need to shake things up. Kids get bored, parents get burnt out and everyone becomes miserable. What once made homeschooling enjoyable is now making everyone resistant. Homeschool writing is no different.

Writing can often feel daunting. Using the wrong curriculum can make kids grow to hate writing but it doesn’t have to be that way! The beauty of homeschooling is that you can tailor your work to fit your needs. Usually, we need to tweak a few things, even on the most perfect curriculum, to fit our family.

This post is sponsored by Writers in Residence™. I received the product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% my own. Be sure to check out my review of Writers in Residence, Volume 1.

Take the struggle out of homeschool writing with Writers in Residence!

Homeschool Writing with Writers In Residence

When I was searching for the perfect homeschool writing curriculum, I wanted something easy on me, fun for my kids and that didn’t require a skilled writer to teach it. That’s exactly what I found in Writers in Residence™.

We were so happy with Writers in Residence™, Volume 1, that I was almost nervous to start Volume 2. I feared that the curriculum would be repetitive and my kids wouldn’t find it as exciting as Volume 1. However, I was wrong.

Writers in Residence, Volume 2 All -In-One Student Text and Workbook and Answer Key provided exactly what we’d hoped. Not only was it just as good as the first volume, but it kept my kids’ attention and offered the same high quality information we had previously lacked in other curriculum.

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All-in-One Homeschool Writing Help

Writers in Residence offers help for all stages of writing, from grades 4-8. Once your child is reading chapter books on their own, they are ready to start using Writers in Residence™. Not only will the Biblical-aligned content spark a love for writing but it will also help them learn to communicate efficiently through their writing. From grammar and punctuation to capitalization and vocabulary, it covers all of the necessary bases you need in you homeschool writing.

Removes the Mystery from Writing:

Often kids wonder why they must write something. They don’t understand how or why they are expected to write a paper, while adding in all of the necessary elements. Anyone can slap some words onto the paper but Writers in  Residence ™ helps kids understand how to form beautiful writings on their own.  

Engaging Text:Take the struggle out of homeschool writing with Writers in Residence!

It’s no secret that kids learn better when they’re interested in the topic. Author, Debra Bell, has plenty of experience in turning boring content into engaging text. Writing can be a hard topic to make exciting, which is why so many kids don’t genuinely enjoy it.  Writers in Residence™ does an amazing job of presenting the foundations of writing in a way that engages kids and captures their attention. Using colorful charts and info graphics, kids grasp the information being presented better than other dull resources. 

Minimal Prep Time:

There’s nothing quite as pleasing to homeschool moms as an “open-and-go” curriculum. Time is precious and tedious planning is frustrating. Writers in Residencecontains everything to ensure your homeschool writing is a success! 

Detailed lesson plans are laid out for you and simple to follow. Each writing assignment includes a rubric, to take the guesswork out of grading. Even for parents with no writing background, Writers in Residence™ has made it easy for them to not only teach homeschool writing, but to also evaluate their students’ work.

All-in-One Book Set:

One of my biggest complaints about curriculum is that is too bulky, with too many components to keep track of. With Writers in Residence™, everything you need is included in 2 simple books: the Student Text and Workbook and the Answer Key and Teaching Notes. The durable Student Text and Workbook is spiral bound, for easy use. The 175 page Answer Key and Teaching Notes is a small book that’s worth its weight in gold. It’s the perfect addition to ensure nothing gets missed!

Take the struggle out of homeschool writing with Writers in Residence!

If you’re looking for help teaching homeschool writing, you cannot miss Writers in Residence, Volume 2!

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Take the struggle out of homeschool writing with Writers in Residence!