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Take the Hassle out of Homeschool Printing

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. While searching for a world geography course, I fell in love with an action-packed course that takes you to countries all across the world. Jam-packed with each country’s flags, hands-on learning and fun animal facts, it looked like the perfect addition to our homeschool.  The problem came when I realized that you can’t just order a physical copy of the product. The course is only offered as a download and must be printed by the customer.

Unfortunately, I know what printing a full course means when you have 3 children.

An entire day spent loading paper into the paper tray, changing ink cartridges, hole punching and finally trying to sort pages successfully. But, no matter how hard I try, some pages always end up in the wrong binder, resulting in a confused mess later.  All of this, plus the cost of a few reams of paper and several ink cartridge refills make it too stressful.

Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a brand-spankin’ new company that will do ALL of the dirty work for me!

{I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% my own.}Take the hassle out of printing with the Homeschool Printing Company!

The Homeschool Printing Company is a small business that is run by veteran homeschoolers. They are not a division of a bigger printing company, simply a family that saw a need in the homeschool community. Together, they decided to fill that void. They don’t just cater to homeschoolers, though! They will print any PDF you need, whether it’s for a homeschool or your office.

With super-affordable prices and high quality prints, The Homeschool Printing Company is revolutionary to homeschoolers. Whether you need black and white or color copies, one or two-sided pages, binding or 3 hole punch, they can help you out. In fact, they can even laminate single pages for you. (But let’s be honest, we’re homeschoolers. We already have our own laminator, right!?!) 😉

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How The Homeschool Printing Company Works:

The process is so quick and simple that it barely needs explaining but I’ll go ahead anyways.

The first thing you will do is send their files that need printed to [email protected]. Melissa will then get back to you with a quote, including shipping. You will either agree to the price (and be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is!) or not.

Once you’ve agreed, they’ll get started on your order. There is generally a 2-3 day turn around before the order ships. From the day I sent in my PDFs to the time they arrived at my door via FedEx was less than a week! (Y’all, if I would’ve printed them myself, I still would’ve been trying to get them hole punched in that amount of time!)

Once you’ve received your printed package, you will send in payment. Did you hear that? Customers don’t even have to PAY for the product until AFTER they’re completely satisfied with it. On my order, Melissa sent me a revised invoice after she’d shipped my package, letting me know that shipping was $1 less than expected.  ONE DOLLAR! That’s integrity, right there, folks.

The Homeschool Printing Company is revolutionary to homeschoolers!

For $76.86, I had approximately 1,000 pages printed in full color on 2 sides AND hole punched! I literally opened my box, shared my excitement on a Facebook Live video then put them into binders. Thanks to their paper dividers between each file, it took me less than 5 minutes to sort them.

Take the hassle out of printing with the Homeschool Printing Company!

If you’re looking to have something printed I highly suggest checking out The Homeschool Printing Company

Every new customer gets 10% off the pre-shipping cost of their FIRST order. Just tell them Tiffany from Homeschool Hideout sent you and that you are a new customer to get that discount.


 You won’t be disappointed!



Take the hassle out of printing with the Homeschool Printing Company!