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Easy Homeschool Routine Ideas to Try Today

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Being home with your kiddos all day long, day after day, can quickly become exhausting. They’re bouncing off the walls, eating everything in the fridge and fighting with each other constantly. So how do homeschool moms do this, year after year? Well, we know the secret weapon to calming the chaos: having an easy homeschool routine for the kids!

Homeschool routines don’t have to be complex or difficult. Routines aren’t schedules, so there’s no need to worry about getting behind. They’re flexible and easy to implement. In fact, your family likely already has routines in place, whether you realize it or not!

Adults thrive on routine but for kids, an easy routine is an absolute necessity. 

Create an easy homeschool routine with these tips and free printable! #freebies #printable #homeschool #routine

Easy Homeschool Routines

Build your own easy homeschool routines using these ideas:

Create an easy homeschool routine with these tips and free printable! #freebies #printable #homeschool #routine

Brush Teeth
Get Dressed
Morning Basket
Family Time
Read for 20 Minutes
Snack Time
School Work
Hands-On Activities
Board Games
Snack Time
Screen Time
Outside Time
Quiet Time
One-on-One Time
Quick Clean Up

Once you’ve decided what you’re easy homeschool routine should include, use our handy printable to put it to work. Start with the obvious things first. For us, we usually start school around 9:00, eat lunch around noon and wrap up our day around 3:00. I added these items to the printable first, then added in the other activities where needed. 


Making a routine is the easy part but sticking to it is the tricky part. Do your best to stick to the routine for about 10 days straight. By the end of the 10 days, your entire family will know exactly what is coming up next. This stops the “Mooooom” complaints and answering a million questions a day.

Adjusting to a new way of life can be tricky but with a quick and easy homeschool routine, it can be painless for all!

Create an easy homeschool routine with these tips and free printable! #freebies #printable #homeschool #routine