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3 Tips to A Safe & Healthy Home

If you’re a mom, you understand the constant worry of the safety and hygiene of your children. No matter where you are, you are constantly thinking of their health and safety. As a mother, it’s common for you to be worried about their health and safety, especially when you regularly leave home for work. While you cannot possibly monitor all their actions 24/7, there are a few household improvement measures you can do to ensure they grow up in a safe and healthy home. As long as followed regularly and properly, these measures are enough to keep your home clean and your children healthy. From mosquito control to safe drinking water, moms have to be on alert all the time.

Safety and hygiene begins at home. Your first responsibility as a mom would be to make sure the house is neat and clean for your child’s growth and development. Thinking about your first step?

How can children develop new skills if your home is too dirty for them to wander around? Do you think your children can grow properly if their surroundings are filled with mold and mildew? 

Here are a few hacks that will make you a better parent for your children:

It's not hard to have a safe and healthy home but these 3 little tips will ensure you don't have to worry about it anymore!

Safe Drinking Water

The water we drink is like the air we breathe in; vital for life. We forget how necessary water is in our life. From washing clothes to simply drinking to quench our thirst, water has no alternate. Despite the constant availability of water, we need to ensure the water we’re drinking is taken care of. By taking care of water, I mean it has been purified.

Water, obtained from any source, needs to be purified before being consumed. There are multiple ways of doing so but the most cost-effective and efficient way is by using a water purifier. You can get more details here about the water purifiers and their advantages. You can promise your children a toxin-free water supply with a water purifier installed.

Water purifiers are available almost anywhere, so make sure to buy one for your home as soon as possible. If you’re overwhelmed with too many options, make sure to check the quality of water it provides, its water pressure, and how much electricity it needs to work. Considering these factors before buying will make it very easy for you to end up with a water purifier that suits your family’s needs and budget.

Elimination of Germs, Insects and Pests

What is the most common way children get infected? It’s from common germs found around the house. Whether you have pets or a lawn with growing fruits and vegetables, your house would be prone to inhabiting germs and toxic waste. You need to ensure your house is ridden of these germs immediately when detected.

A shortcut for ensuring germs are less likely to inhabit the house is by using pesticides and insecticides. Make this a cleaning regimen: every time you are vacuuming the house or dusting around the windows, make sure you spray some insecticides in the corners. You can even have pesticides sprays in the window sills or around the lawn. Since these products can be harmful to children, make sure to only use them when your kids are safely out of the way in another room. Alternatively, you could hire a professional from somewhere like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/aptive/new-york/ to ensure that the correct practices are followed and nobody is harmed.

Another great way of getting all insects out is by getting an automated mosquito repellent installed wherever an exit is. Most of the flies and mosquitoes get caught and die outside.As long as placed in the right location inside your home, an automated mosquito repellant is enough to keep your your children are safe and clean indoors!

If you’re looking for more natural and budget-friendly solutions to get rid of germs, insects, and pests, use some cinnamon, lavender or tea tree oil around your home. Not only will these oils make your home clean from unwanted visitors, these can also make your indoor space smell good. 

Make Cleanliness a Ritual

Despite our cleaning routine, there are a few things we are too lazy to do. For example, dusting the window sills or taking out the trash everyday, etc. In order to make sure the house is not home to germs and disease-causing pests, we must ensure all cleaning routines are carried out regularly.

Taking our the trash should be a daily ritual. You can even get your children to take out the trash by taking turns on alternate days. Doing the laundry should become a ritual to be followed at least thrice a week. Damp and dirty clothes are the perfect habitat for fungus and bacteria. Dirty socks and wet towels are home to algae, fungus and many long-lasting infection causing germs.

Dusting should be a daily or at least an alternate-day ritual. If you have a huge house, you can alternately clean a few rooms and leave out the others for the next day. However, it is important that the daily setting debris and dust is cleaned on a daily basis.

If you no longer have the time and energy to keep your home spotless for the family, consider hiring a home cleaning company. The contractors working under these companies are trained and experienced, which means that they can clean every single part of your home using the most effective cleaning methods. These contractors will also use very specific cleaning equipment to ensure that they can get the job done fast.

Keeping your home safe and clean doesn’t mean you need to spend hours a day working. It simply means you need to do the most important things to make sure you have a clean and healthy home. Once you get these checked off your to-do list, you’ll have even more time to enjoy the most important things in life, like your kiddos.

It's not hard to have a safe and healthy home but these 3 little tips will ensure you don't have to worry about it anymore!