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Help Kids Burn Energy: 10 Easy Ideas

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Being cooped up inside day after day can really take it’s toll on our kids. They have so much energy and nowhere to go with it. Wouldn’t it be great if we could help our kids burn energy before they start bouncing off the walls? The good news is, we can! We just need to have a plan for when they start to get restless!

Today, I’m sharing our go-to activities for when I just need the kids to burn some of that darn energy!

Need easy ideas to help kids burn energy? This free printable and list of ideas is a lifesaver for us! #freeprintable #peathome #burnenergy # kidsactivities

10 Ideas to Help Kids Burn Energy

Watch What You Eat:

Being mindful of what you put into your child’s body is very important but when you’re stuck inside, it’s even more important. By giving kids too much sugar and candy, they’ll be bouncing off the walls in no time! Healthy snacks and water are the perfect way to ensure your kiddos don’t get a sugar high, resulting in you losing your sanity.

Play Easy Games:

Simple games are the perfect way to help your kids burn energy, even when you can’t get outside. Try one of these classic games:

  • Hide & Seek
  • Tag
  • Simon Says
  • Mother May I?
  • Heads Up 7 Up
  • Kick the Can


Getting your kiddos to work out has never been easier! Make it fun with our FREE printable! It’s simple, just sign up for our weekly newsletter and you’ll automatically gain access to our always-growing library of exclusive subscriber freebies:

Need easy ideas to help kids burn energy? This free printable and list of ideas is a lifesaver for us! #freeprintable #peathome #burnenergy # kidsactivities

Get Outside:

Just being outdoors helps kids burn energy! Grab a soccer ball or dig in the mud. It doesn’t matter what they do, as long as they’re moving! Sunshine will also boost their moods, making life easier for you!

Furniture Jump:

Are your kids prohibited from jumping on the furniture? Be the “cool mom” and allow them to break that rule today only! Whether they jump from couch to chair to loveseat or just have a dance party on their beds, they’ll love it!

Nerf Wars:

I absolutely hate Nerf guns because my son is always shooting his sisters, pestering them while they’re doing schoolwork. But when I need for my kids to burn energy, Nerf guns can be a lifesaver. Simply divide into 2 teams, and let the whole house be your battlegrounds! Flip tables on their sides and take cover behind them!

Family Olympics:

Kids love seeing their parents get involved with activities so they’ll enjoy holding a family Olympic event.  See who can throw a football the farthest, jump the highest or run the fastest. 

Build Something:

Get creative and build a fort, clubhouse or just a birdhouse. Whatever you choose, your kiddos will enjoy staying busy while using their skills to bring a project to life!

Keep Your Mind Busy:

Help your kids burn energy by keeping their brains busy. Try a puzzle, brain teasers, challenges or fun games to entertain the kiddos.

Dance Party:

Our very favorite way to burn energy is to turn on some music and boogie down! All ages love it, and it burns so much energy, kids are guaranteed to sleep good tonight!

Scavenger Hunt:

Make list of things for your kiddos to search for and send them on their way. You can do scavenger hunt both indoors or outdoors, so it’s perfect for any time of the year!

Obstacle Course:

Jump over the pillows, army crawl over the blankets, crab walk over the couch cushions and do 15 jumping jacks before proceeding. Just thinking about completing an obstacle course has me tired!

Recess at Home:

Bring home some favorite recess activities to help kids burn energy. Some easy ones to try include:

  • Hula Hoop
  • Jump Rope
  • Kickball
  • Hopscotch
  • Dodgeball


If you have a trampoline, it’s the perfect way to get kids moving! If not, try using a mattress, or just have them jump up and down 25 times. Investing in an indoor trampoline may be a good idea, if you plan to stay sane while living ith a high-energy kiddo!

Nature Walk:

There’s no denying that going for a walk is a great way to help kids burn energy but give your walk some purpose! Stop to examine flowers, pick up sticks, look at clouds or find rocks shaped like hearts. Nature walks are a great way to help kids connect with the world around them, while getting some exercise, too!

Having a plan to help your kids burn energy is the secret to staying sane while being stuck at home with a high-energy child. Instead of sending them to their room for bouncing on your last nerve, try one of these easy ideas. 


Need easy ideas to help kids burn energy? This free printable and list of ideas is a lifesaver for us! #freeprintable #peathome #burnenergy # kidsactivitiesNeed easy ideas to help kids burn energy? This free printable and list of ideas is a lifesaver for us! #freeprintable #peathome #burnenergy # kidsactivitiesNeed easy ideas to help kids burn energy? This free printable and list of ideas is a lifesaver for us! #freeprintable #peathome #burnenergy # kidsactivities


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Saturday 26th of September 2020

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Saturday 30th of May 2020

[…] Some ideas for other activities to help kids burn energy:  […]

Garrett Cornelius

Thursday 16th of April 2020

I like how you have so many options that allow you to participate in these activities with you kids! It not only allows them to burn off all of that energy but also helps build up a great relationship and bond!

Sloan Aulgur

Tuesday 14th of April 2020

I really enjoyed this! My cousins actively use the outdoor recess idea. Brilliant!

Ashby Terry

Tuesday 14th of April 2020

When reading this article I found it very unteresting and even enjoyable to read. I have three younger sisters myself and although they're not little kids anymore they still have a ton of energy. With everything going on in our world right now I think it's very important to make sure your kids get out or atleast have something to focus on and burn their energy with. This was a great read!