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Study Area: How to Make It Cute & Functional

The pandemic is here for the foreseeable future, so you can expect homeschooling to be around as well. You may already have a dedicated home office for your WFH, but it is about time that you think about having a separate learning space for your kids. If you already have a study room, go ahead and revamp it. Alternatively, you can use some creativity to design a study area in their room. Let us share some easy and budget-friendly ideas to make an ideal learning space for your child.

Creating a study space that helps kids focus is crucial. #4 is THE best tip!

Ensure a distraction-free environment

To start with, you must ensure that the study room of your child has a distraction-free environment. Younger kids have a shorter attention span. Even the tiniest distraction can hinder learning and studies. Make sure that you choose a sound-proof area or take measures to block sounds. Consider keeping doors shut and having thick curtains to keep the noise out..

Invest in comfortable furniture

As a rule, your child shouldn’t study in bed even if you repurpose a corner of their room as the study area. Investing in comfortable furniture is as vital as getting it for your WFH office space. Pick a comfy chair and study table large enough to accommodate their computer, books, and knick-knacks. They should be of an accessible height so that a young child need not struggle to use them. If you are in a struggle to find a quality ergonomic office chair for your little one (or even for yourself), have a look at this selection from Posturion.com to get started.

Warm up the area

A cozy ambiance makes the learning area more appealing for children, and they will feel comfortable even as the outdoor temperature drops. An electric fireplace installation is a good idea to add a warm touch to the place. Place thick rugs on the flooring, and they will
have the option to sit down and work on their projects. Have a blanket in reach for keeping them warm as they study at night.

Create ample storage

Another revamp idea you cannot miss out on this homeschooling season is to create ample storage space in the child’s study area. Now that kids are learning from home, they need additional space to organize their books, worksheets, stationery, and laptop. Installing wall
shelves is a good idea as they look good and let the child manage things in an organized manner. But make sure that these are at a comfortable height.

Deck up with educational wall art

While comfort and functionality are important, you cannot overlook the aesthetic value of your child’s study area. Fortunately, you need not spend a fortune on giving it a complete makeover. Just paint a bright accent wall and accentuate it with educational wall art. You can hang up numbers and alphabets for a preschooler or have the world map or solar system for an older choice. It is a good idea to let the child display his or her creative work on the walls.

An interesting and appealing study area can motivate the child to get better and stay dedicated to homeschooling. Just follow these decor ideas, and you can give them a perfect place to study from home.

Creating a study space that helps kids focus is crucial. #4 is THE best tip!

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