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Free Conversation Starters for Kids

Are you struggling with connecting with your kiddos? Does the extra stress have you finding it hard to focus on your kids? It’s totally understandable! We were having the same issues. That’s why we came up with these free conversation starters for kids!

These simple and free conversation cards for kids are THE perfect way to connect with your kiddos! #handsonparenting #intentionalparenting #homeschoolers #talktoyourkids #freeprintables

Tips for Talking to Your Kids

Put the Electronics Away:

The first thing kids notice is when you’re staring at a screen instead of listening to them talk. A good rule of thumb is to put your phone screen down, anytime your child is trying to talk to you. This shows them that you’re really listening and what they have to say is more important than anything on your phone.

Ask Questions:

Try to respond to your child with a question when they talk to you. If they say they had a good day at school, ask what their favorite part of the day was, what they had for lunch or who their chemistry partner is. Kids don’t usually like to open up, so dig a little deeper by asking a few simple questions. 

Really Listen:

So often, we ask our kiddos a question but don’t really listen for an answer. Trying to talk to your kids while you’re distracted can do more harm than good. When your kiddos do open up to you, but you’re too busy to listen, they take it personally. Instead of trying to multitask, stop what you’re doing and really listen to your children.


Finding topics to talk about your kiddos with can be hard. After all, you’re all cooped up in the same house and know each other’s every move. What could there possibly be to talk about? Well, that’s exactly why we created these free conversation starters for kids!

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How are you connecting with your kiddos during stressful times?

These simple and free conversation cards for kids are THE perfect way to connect with your kiddos! #handsonparenting #intentionalparenting #homeschoolers #talktoyourkids #freeprintables

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