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CTCMath Review: Perfect for the Whole Family

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Have you ever struggled to teach a particular subject in your homeschool? I have. Year after year. It didn’t take me long to figure out i needed help teaching math in our homeschool. Our CTCMath review will help you see exactly how we’re turning our struggles into success, so read on! 

If I had to choose just one subject to toss out the window, I’d pick math, without hesitation, every day of the week. I’ve never really been a math person. As a kid, I didn’t really struggle with math but I’ve never enjoyed it. But as an adult, it’s basically my worst fear. Teaching math (especially in the later years!) is super intimidating for me. 

That’s why I love being able to pass the responsibility (and stress!) off to someone else!

I received a free subscription for my CTCMath review. I was compensated for my time but did not guarantee a positive review. All opinions are my own and I only review products I would genuinely use in our own homeschool. And we do use and love CTCMath!

This CTCMath review just saved us a ton of money! Who knew there were online lessons for the entire family for so darn cheap!?!

Our CTCMath Review

How CTCMath Can Solve Your Math Problems

CTCMath makes teaching math a breeze, because, in fact, you aren’t teaching math at all! CTCMath offers short and easy-to-understand math lessons, taught by internationally acclaimed teacher, Pat Murray.

Here’s why we love CTCMath:

  • Lessons are short and to-the-point
  • Students learn at their own pace
  • It’s all online, no need for bulky books
  • Boost kids’ confidence and abilities
  • Offers lessons for K-12, so you don’t need to switch curriculum every few years
  • All the teaching is done for me
  • Detailed progress reports keep me updated on struggles, strengths and growth
  • Multi-sensory methods make sure the kids are really learning
  • It’s super-duper affordable, especially for big families

This CTCMath review just saved us a ton of money! Who knew there were online lessons for the entire family for so darn cheap!?!

CTCMath for Families on a Budget

Those are all the reasons we’ve grown to love CTCMath in our homeschool but they aren’t the main reason I love it! 

The truth is, CTCMath doesn’t just free up time for me to use my efforts elsewhere but also my money with their Homeschool Family Membership.

CTCMath is the most budget-friendly math for homeschooling families.

Why, you ask? Because for one super low price, you can get access to all levels of CTCMath. That means each of your kids can use the subscription, which covers grades K-12.

For the price of one level subscription to other online math lessons, you get access for your whole family, for an entire year!

If you finish one level in just 6 months, no need to buy the next level. Simply start working on it because your Homeschool Family Membership includes access to all levels!


This CTCMath review just saved us a ton of money! Who knew there were online lessons for the entire family for so darn cheap!?!

Grab a one year subscription for HALF OFF when you use this link. 

CTCMath offers a 12-month money back guarantee! No questions asked.
Just email CTCMath and they will issue your refund.  You literally have NOTHING to lose!


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Not sure CTCMath is a good fit? Grab a free trial today!


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