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Learn to Read Online with HOMER

Homeschooling is hard. If you have little kids at home while trying to teach their older siblings, it’s even harder! Busy toddlers can turn a house upside down in 5 minutes, flat. They dump their snacks all over the floor, get into markers and interrupt your kids’ learning every chance they get. They make homeschooling a lot harder than it needs to be but it’s just a stage. The secret to staying sane with young kids underfoot is to keep them busy! That’s why we offer “busy bins,” lots of coloring pages and provide them with games where they learn to read online while we focus on our schoolwork!

When a new homeschool mom tells me she’s overwhelmed because her young kids make it impossible to homeschool, I tell her one thing: Involve them in your day! That may seem harder than it actually is. With technology, you can ensure your kiddo is learning right beside you, while you focus your attention on the older kids!

I received a subscription to HOMER for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own and a positive review was not required.

Bear is loving that he can learn to read online while the big kids do school and I love that it's teaching him to read, without breaking the bank!

Instead of sending Bear off to his bedroom to do “God-knows-what,” I discovered we have a much easier day when he is working right there alongside us. The problem is, I can’t teach him and the older kids at the same time because he has a much shorter attention span. (Who am I kidding? The kid doesn’t have an attention span at all!) 😀

When I discovered HOMER, I knew I’d hit the jackpot. Bear can sit next to us at the table and learn to read online while we do our schoolwork. He is right next to me, so he feels like one of the big kids, yet I don’t have to watch over him like a hawk. 

Why I’m Loving HOMER in our Homeschool

It’s Affordable:

First things first: When you’re on a budget, you can’t usually afford expensive programs that do all the dirty work for you. That’s why I was so surprised by the price of HOMER. Not only did we try it for free for 30 days, but we used this link to save over 60% off! That means we pay less than $1 a week for Bear to learn to read online! I don’t know a single family who can’t afford $1 a week!

Keeps Kids Busy:

As I’ve already said, HOMER is a great solution for when your kids need occupied while you homeschool. It’s also the perfect solution for long car rides, waiting in the doctor’s office or to keep kiddos busy while you’re on the phone. Kids are able to play the games by themselves, requiring little to no help from you, so it’s the perfect “busy” activity. Plus, it’s educational! Win, win for everyone!


I never really knew how important an ad-free program was until I used a program that wasn’t ad-free. Holy smokes! First of all, I don’t want my kids accidentally clicking on those ads. Second of all, they overtake the screen, making the experience so much less enjoyable. An ad-free app is now high on my priority list!

Bear is loving that he can learn to read online while the big kids do school and I love that it's teaching him to read, without breaking the bank!

Engaging for Kids 2 and Up:

Bear is actually enjoying HOMER. The bright graphics and bite-size lessons make it fun for him to learn to read. Heck, I don’t even think he realizes he’s learning when he plays. He just thinks he’s having fun and doing school with the big kids.

HOMER grows with your kids, so you can start using it when they’re as little as 2 years old! By the time they’re school-age, they’ll have a solid foundation of phonics and sight words!

Sight Words & Phonics:

The thing that sold me on HOMER instead of other learning apps is the fact that they teach both phonics AND sight words. Bear knows his phonics pretty well but sight words is a whole ‘nother ballgame. He still tries to sound out words like “our” and “done.” Sight words make reading so much easier but most apps don’t teach them! With HOMER, you can learn to read online and know both phonics and sight words!

Easy To Use:

HOMER is easy to use, whether you’re on a laptop, tablet or phone. I love that no matter what I have on hand, I can whip it out and Bear can learn to read online, no matter where we are! For our day-to-day learning, I like to change up which devices he uses. He usually uses my laptop, since it’s bigger but on days when he’s in a grumpy mood, I let him sit next to me and play on my phone. He thinks it’s just awesome that he gets to play games on my phone while the other kids “have to do school.” 😉

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If you’re looking for a high-quality program that will allow your kiddo to learn to read online, you can’t miss HOMER! It’s affordable, easy-to-use and the perfect educational app!



Bear is loving that he can learn to read online while the big kids do school and I love that it's teaching him to read, without breaking the bank!