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What to Do When the Kids are Bored

Being stuck at home all the time can certainly take a toll on your mental health. It feels like all you do is cook, clean up after your little tornadoes and tell the kids to quit fighting. It’s hard to relax at all when the kids demand your attention 24/7. But you’ve tried finger paints, bubble baths sidewalk chalk. You’re out of ideas on what to do when the kids are bored!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a list of things to direct them to, when they come to you, whining yet again for the tenth time today? Don’t you wish you had a magic wand you could wave over the kids and make them get along?

This bored jar is perfect for when I'm wondering what to do when the kids are bored! Easy ideas and it stops all the fussing!

What to Do When the Kids are Bored

The truth is, your kids aren’t bad kids: they’re just bored. And boredom leads to bickering, mischief and tattling. Instead of listening to that drama all day, be ready and waiting for when your kiddos get bored. Having a plan in place can make your life a whole lot easier as a mama!

Stick to a Routine:

The easiest way I’ve found to keep my kiddos happy on long days is to stick with our routine. That doesn’t mean we stick to a strict schedule all summer. Every family has a rhythm and sticking with it helps both kids and parents stay sane.

Get up everyday around the same time. Eat breakfast. Read a couple of books. Watch a movie. Have some free time. Eat lunch. Play outside. Go for a walk. Work on a new life skill. Pick up the house. Make dinner. Take baths and brush your teeth. Read a bedtime story together. 

The secret is to make it consistent.

Boredom in Moderation:

Kids thrive while they’re bored so it’s important to make sure they have plenty of time to explore their interests and learn to manage their own time. There’s a fine line of too much boredom and not enough boredom. Find the sweet spot and your kiddo will thrive, while staying out of trouble!

Be Prepared:

I got sick of my kids asking me what they could do so we created a “Bored Jar” system for our family. We sat down together and wrote out all the things we like to do to fill our time. Each kiddo had plenty of input, so they would all have a chance to do what they really enjoy. 

I printed out the papers, cut them into strips and placed them into an empty jar! (Thank goodness I’d been hoarding jars for the last 10 years! I finally needed one!)

Now when the kiddos tell me they’re bored, I direct them to the “Bored Jar.” 

There’s just one rule: You have to do whatever you pull, no matter what.

So, while my oldest doesn’t LOVE Legos anymore, if she draws it, she still has to play with them for a while. I’ve found it’s really been a great way to help reignite her love for things she “thinks’ she’s outgrown.

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This bored jar is perfect for when I'm wondering what to do when the kids are bored! Easy ideas and it stops all the fussing!