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Box of Homeschool Blessings (Round 2!)


You may remember last summer when I wrote this post about what homeschoolers REALLY want. Shortly after, I posted about  a box of  treasures that my brother and sister-in-law surprised the kids with. The next week, we received another box of homeschool tools, this time from my mother-in-law.

(Shame on me for just now sharing!)


If you’ve been around here long, you know I hit the jackpot when I married my husband. Not only is he amazing, but he came with the most caring and compassionate family I’ve ever met. They are good-hearted people who always see the best in everyone. It was no surprise that “Grandma” had blessed us with fun new educational supplies! She’s always doing awesome stuff like that!


Anywho-back to the box of fun! The girls ripped through it, smiling and squealing like a bunch of crazies.

Inside, we found Creative Haven coloring books,

IMG_9725 IMG_9724

a Magnet Science Kit, a Kitchen Science Kit,


The Big Book of Why,


and “Yo, Millard Fillmore!”


We spent the next few hours engulfed in the fun!

When my husband got home from work, he was bombarded with shrieks of excitement. It wasn’t long before the girls had him creating volcanic eruptions.

IMG_9819 IMG_9844


He showed them that even though mixing baking soda and vinegar creates a wild eruption, it is completely safe and can even be mixed in your hand.


Miss Manners thought holding a mini “volcano” was pretty awesome!


The girls have spent hours upon hours playing with the Magnetic Science kit.

It included instructions for building a boat,


a man

IMG_9802 IMG_9800

and a magnet-driven car.

IMG_9794 IMG_9780


It eventaught us about suspending magnets in mid-air

IMG_9790   IMG_9777

and more!


We had so much fun and are still loving all of the goodies we received from Grandma!

We are so blessed to be surrounded by family that not only supports but also encourages us on our homeschool journey!

{Disclaimer: While I do love to link to homeschool products that can be purchased on Amazon.com, I do not receive compensation of any kind for doing so.  I simply want my readers to be able to find the products mentioned as quickly and easily as possible.}