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Blessings in a Box

I was pleasantly surprised last week when my brother and sister-in-law called to discuss how our homeschooling was going.  They wanted to know how they could help us out.  Ironically, I had just written this post, with ideas of how to support the homeschoolers in your life, so I shared it with them.

They decided to purchase several items off of our Amazon Wishlist.

When we got home on Friday and saw a huge box waiting on our porch, we were thrilled! Christmas in August!  The box was addressed to the girls, which is always exciting to kids.

They immediately dove right into the box.


First up, we found the owl pellets we will be dissecting using our Apologia curriculum.


Next up was a Solar Powered Rover.  Miss Manners is dying to get started on this one.  It does look like fun but we have to get a soda pop can before we can build it.


Next we opened a book called “Kitchen Science Lab for Kids.”  The girls are both thrilled with this gift.  They have looked through every experiment in the book, noting which ones they want to start first.  And I must admit, some of these do look pretty awesome.


I normally wouldn’t put books like this on my Wishlist.  I am a certified cheapskate, and I know that we could find plenty of experiments online for free. However, I decided to add this one, after spending hours searching for a good experiment, only to find we couldn’t agree on one, after seeing the thousands of options.  With this book, the girls can quickly and easily decide which experiment they want to do.  It is definitely worth the money, to save all the time and hassle of combing through the more complex, “out of our league” experiments that we found.  Simply open and go!


Next up was a set of microscope slides.  This is a really awesome set of 25 slides that include mushrooms, plants, animals and human blood.


The girls have loved loved loved looking at these on our brand new microscope!



Thank you so much Freddie and Anita!

While we love the blessing of having all of these awesome resources for our homeschool that we otherwise wouldn’t have, the greatest part of receiving this gift was simply knowing that there are others out there who truly care about our children’s future.


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who has supported us on our crazy homeschool journey!