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Fast Food Discounts You Don’t Wanna Miss

The amount of money that my family spends of groceries each week is enough to make my heart skip a beat each time I whip out my debit card to pay for our cart full of food. When I work hard to stick to our budget, it does help but it’s still a lot of money each week. (Trust me, it could be worse! You should’ve seen what I spent on groceries before we started using pre-planned meals.)

Food is expensive. There’s no other way to put it. Matching coupons, tracking down the lowest prices and multiple grocery trips are exhausting. Even when we’ve got a fridge full of ingredients, it’s still nice to grab fast food sometimes.

The problem is that a quick trip through the drive-through can often cost as much as an entire days’ groceries when I’m feeding my whole family. In an effort to start saving more money on food, I set out to find as many fast food discounts as I could. And, as fate would have it, I discovered I already had a huge chunk of savings already, right in my hand!

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we do so many things: communicate, take photos and shop are just a few. So I’m not sure why I was so surprised to find out that I’d been missing out on a huge advantage of smartphones by not using fast food discounts!

By simply downloading a fast food restaurants’ app, you tap into huge savings, freebies and large discounts!

10 Fast Food Discounts You Don’t Wanna Miss

Save money with fast food discounts using your smart phone! You can even earn freebies, like pizza, ice cream and drinks! #fastfood #savemoney #budget #groceries #eatingout #restaurants

Sonic Drive In:

Sonic Drive In saw such a huge success with their Happy Hour drink specials that they created a “Morning Drink Stop” special, too! But with the Sonic app, it’s Happy Hour all day long! When using the Sonic App, you can order your drink ahead of time and it will be ready when you get there.  All you have to do is pull into the stall of your choice, open the app, click “Check In” and enter your stall number. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you receive your order! You can also earn rewards, like free shakes and tots, when you use the app.


The leader of the fast food industry has an app that will have you singing “I’m lovin’ it!” 😉 With freebies like BOGO coffee, free drinks, $3 off a $10 purchase, it’s a great app to keep on your phone for those days when you just need a quick bite to eat.  Simply place your order ahead of time and swing by and pick it up on your way home from late-night practice.

Taco Bell:

When you’re looking for quick and cheap food, Taco Bell is a great option. Taco Bell already offers great deals, including their $5 meal box but when paired with the app, you can save even more moolah. Using the app, you can save your favorite items so you can quickly order your favorites, time and time again. They often offer fast food discounts and freebies, so it’s always worth a quick glance before placing your order.


If you ask me, Chick-Fil-A has one of the best apps for earning free food. In typical Chick-Fil-A fashion, they are extremely generous with their fast food discounts and freebies. They are constantly offering rewards, like a free 8 piece nugget, for a limited time. They offer great deals, along with free items and rewards, so be sure to always use your Chick-Fil-A app when ordering!


If you’re looking for fast food discounts that add up quick, be sure to check out Domino’s’ app.  Each time you place an order through the Domino’s app, you’ll get 10 points. Once you earn 60 points, you can redeem them for a free medium 2-topping pizza! Best of all, you can track your order using the app, until it arrives right at your door!

Pizza Hut:

If you’re looking to plan ahead, the Pizza Hut app is great in that it lets you order up to 7 days ahead of time. But even if you’re ordering dinner tonight, you’ll want to be sure to check it out for the Hut Rewards. For every dollar you spend in the app, you receive 2 points. You can save your points and once you get 150 points, cash them in for a free medium 2- topping pizza. 200 Hut Points will get you any medium sized pizza and 250 points are worth any large pizza!

Burger King:

The Burger King app reminds me so much of Ebay! My spending gets out of control when I’m given a time limit. Surely I’m not the only one who feels like I need to run to BK and grab a Family Bundle (2 Whopper Meals and 2 Cheeseburger Meals) for $12.99 because the deal expires in a few days? Luckily, they offer more than a dozen deals at a time, and each last for 49 days. That’s plenty of time to grab all your favorites for the super low prices they offer.Save money with fast food discounts using your smart phone! You can even earn freebies, like pizza, ice cream and drinks! #fastfood #savemoney #budget #groceries #eatingout #restaurants


If you’re looking to save some money at Wendy’s, you’re in luck. They offer a variety of deals, from half price Baconators to $2 off a salad. Each offer is only good for one use but the offers constantly change. You’re sure to find a deal on your favorites when you use the Wendy’s app!


If you love Subway as much as my family does, you’ll want to be sure to take a few minutes to download their app. With offerings like “BOGO footlong” and free cookies, it’ll quickly become one of your favorite fast food discounts. Eating healthy has never been more appealing than when you’re saving a bundle of money, with only a few quick clicks on your phone.

Papa Johns:

Earn Papa Rewards when you use the app to order your favorite pizza! Not only will you get great freebies but you’ll also have access to deals like “20% off your regular-priced order.” With deals like that, it only makes sense to order through the app!

Dairy Queen:

Who doesn’t love a dipped cone from Dairy Queen? With their app, you can get them for free! But that’s not all. They offer everything from discounted burgers to free blizzards when you create an account in the app. With their already low prices, you can eat Dairy Queen for just a few bucks! And that includes your dessert. 😉

When you are too tired to cook dinner and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on dinner, these fast food discounts will make feeding your family easy!

What’s YOUR favorite fast food app?


Save money with fast food discounts using your smart phone! You can even earn freebies, like pizza, ice cream and drinks! #fastfood #savemoney #budget #groceries #eatingout #restaurants