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Online High School Courses for Homeschoolers

When you’re looking for online high school courses for your homeschoolers, it can easily become overwhelming. Knowing which companies to trust, which courses would benefit your kid the most and finding a course that fits within your schedule is no easy task. But it is doable!

This post is sponsored by Stepmojo. All opinions are my own and I was compensated for my time.
We are loving these online high school courses for homeschoolers!

Reasons to Outsource Your High School Courses


Once you hit the high school years, you can take a deep breath. By now, your student should no longer need you to sit next to them and guide you through each lesson. They can learn independently, which makes your life so much easier.

A Fresh Point of View:

Learning from your parents is great but once students start learning from other teachers, they can get a whole new point of view on things. Seeing things from an expert’s angle helps students learn to look at things differently.

Develop New Skills:

Online learning courses teach a whole new set of skills that homeschooled students may not have experienced yet. From learning to stay organized to participating in group discussions, teens will develop skills that will last them a lifetime.

We are loving these online high school courses for homeschoolers!

Why We Love Stepmojo

Stepmojo is a virtual classroom that offers online high school courses for homeschoolers. Each semester, they offer a new set of high-quality courses to choose from.

The Best Quality:

Stepmojo has done all the dirty work for you! From researching and vetting the courses to expert teachers and engaging lesson plans, Stepmojo has it covered. You no longer need to spend hours scrolling through online catalogs, looking for safe and effective online high school courses for your homeschooler.

Live Instruction:

One thing that homeschoolers generally miss out on the most in their high school years is the peer interaction. Without live classes, they miss out on discussing topics with their peers and gaining a new point of view.

Live instruction takes a class from boring to engaging. Teens love this format and tend to prefer it over prerecorded lessons.

College Prep Courses:

All Stepmojo classes are accredited through a transcript issuing body. This eases the college application process and ensures students receive credit for all completed courses. 

Stepmojo also offers several advanced placement, college-level courses. Upon completion, students can get college credit.

We are loving these online high school courses for homeschoolers!

Relationships That Pay:

The live interaction that Stepmojo provides offers more than just engaging discussions. Throughout the semester, students will build relationships with their teachers. Those teachers are then able to provide recommendations for the student’s college applications at no additional charge! Talk about a relationship that pays for itself!

New Courses Each Semester:

Each semester, Stepmojo offers a variety of courses to help ensure your homeschooler’s success.

Courses offered Fall 2022:

Core STEM classes:

  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Physics 

AP STEM Classes:

  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Computer Science Principles 
  • AP Physics 1

STEM Electives:

  • Animation
  • Python Programming
  • Game Design

If you’re looking for online high school courses for homeschoolers that provide the highest quality education, you can’t miss Stepmojo!

We are loving these online high school courses for homeschoolers!

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We are loving these online high school courses for homeschoolers!

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