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2021 Family Feud Printable Game

Every New Year’s Eve party needs some fun and these 2021 Family Feud questions are as much fun as this year can offer!

A new year is a fresh start and we’ve never needed a fresh start quite like we do now. It’s a grand time to look at the future and think of all the improvements you wish to make in the next 365 days. 

But before we start making changes to better ourselves, we have one more night of fun to enjoy! 😉

These 2021 Family Feud printables are JUST what we need for our party!

New Year’s Eve Games to Play:

Minute to Win It Games for Kids:

We LOVE playing Minute to Win it at all of our parties and events. From family reunions to New Year’s Eve parties, it’s the perfect game for all ages. Paired with our 2021 Family Feud questions, your entire New Year’s Eve party is planned!

These awesome printables can be found in our subscriber library and are the perfect way to include both the young and old in your festivities!

Simple Party Games for Kids & Adults:

If you’re looking for a few quick and easy ideas to help you make your party fun for all ages, you can’t miss these ideas. They don’t require buying a lot of items but can be played with items from around your house.

New Year’s Eve Interview for Kids: 

This cute little printable is the perfect way to remember exactly how your kids are, right at this moment. Document their age, best friends, future plans, favorite songs and so much more! Print out one per kiddo and keep them in a save place. You’ll love looking back each year to see exactly how much each kiddo changes in just 365 days!

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2021 Charades:

Let’s be real. 2021 wasn’t the greatest year we’ve ever had! Have some fun by acting out our list of hilarious words that are themed around New Year’s Eve and 2021 events.

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2021 Family Feud Questions:

Our 8 page printable list of 2021 Family Feud questions will be the hit of the party! With silly questions about Tiger King, the “Quarantine 20,” working remotely, the election and Wonder Woman 1984. 
With over 20 questions, this free printable will keep your guests laughing for over an hour!!!

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    These 2021 Family Feud printables are JUST what we need for our party!