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Keeping Your Kids Hydrated

Tips for keeping your kids hydrated when they don’t like water!

You may have already heard that between 50% and 75% of the human body is water, which makes constant hydration an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Percentages tend to change based on age and gender, with the highest ones found among children and adolescents.

Dehydration can be particularly harmful to kids, as they tend to produce more heat during physical activity, and their body is not as effective at perspiring as that of an adult. Yet nowadays, many kids don’t enjoy drinking water, which makes keeping them sufficiently hydrated a very stressful task for parents. In this article, we will explore why proper hydration is essential for your kids and what you can do when they refuse or forget to drink enough water. 

Keeping your kids hydrated can be a struggle but I love these tips!

Why is Hydration So Important for Children?

Not surprisingly, water is the most important nutrient for a human being. It helps us stabilize our body temperature, increase energy levels and improve our focus. These are all priorities when trying to keep our kids as healthy as possible. Moreover, sufficient hydration can have a positive effect on your child’s emotions by reducing irritability and mood swings. Not to mention its benefits on bones, teeth, and blood circulation. 

Are Our Kids Sufficiently Hydrated These Days?

According to a study published by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, they aren’t. The study looked at hydration levels in over 4,000 children and teenagers between 6 and 19 years. Regrettably, it found that more than 50% of them were not sufficiently hydrated. While the author doesn’t see this as an immediate threat to young people’s health, she stated that it could have an adverse impact on their well-being and overall quality of life. 

Another finding of the study was that boys are more likely to be dehydrated than girls and that significant differences in hydration levels also exist between different racial groups. It’s also interesting to note how 25% of children in the study reported that they didn’t drink plain water at all.

Why Do Many Kids Dislike Water?

There is more than one reason why many kids and adolescents seem to have a natural disliking towards the most essential nutrient of all. Some of them just don’t like its taste. In developed countries, kids are exposed to countless drinks and snacks that are designed to “taste good”. It’s therefore not surprising that many of them consider water to be just a boring drink. Distrust towards tap water is also a reason why many children don’t drink as much water as they need. This trait is usually inherited by their parents. 

Hearing your parents repeating that you should stay away from tap water reduces the number of occasions you will use water as a hydration source. In low-income families, parents may prefer buying drinks that cost less than bottled water. This actually makes kids less accustomed and more reluctant to drink plain water. 

So What Are The Alternatives?

The combination of having to keep your children properly hydrated and the obstacles we just mentioned can be daunting. There are other ideas you can use to keep your kids hydrated in the absence of plain water. Here are some examples. 

  • Make sure your child’s diet contains an abundant quantity of hydrating foods, such as fruit and vegetables. You could have them try different types of fruits to find out which one they enjoy the most. Some kids prefer watermelon and peaches to apples and oranges. Make an effort to understand their preferences and adjust their diet accordingly.
  • You can also infuse water with your kid’s preferred fruit flavors, vegetables, and herbs, either alone or in combination. There are several infused water recipes that you can try until you find the ones your kids love and can’t help drinking.
  • Flavored water can also be purchased commercially. Take this chance to provide your children with the necessary amount of minerals they need to grow strong and healthy. JUST Watermelon Bubbles is a great example of quality spring water with an extra touch of flavor and the right combination of magnesium and calcium. The former plays an important role in growth and energy production, while the latter builds strong bones and teeth.