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4 Best Attractions to See in Murcia, Spain

Spain is a European country that has become so famous for its spectacular cities, delicious cuisine and lively nightlife that almost everyone wants to travel there at least once in their lifetime. 

You have definitely heard of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Seville, and you might even be considering booking flight tickets and accommodation there. But do you know about Murcia? It is a historic and fun place in the southeastern part of Spain. 

It is pretty unfortunate that not many people know about this place, but it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Spanish people wanted to keep this magnificent city as a hidden gem. Take a moment to book your holidays in Murcia, and come back to note down the four best attractions that you must see there. 

Love this list of places to see in Murcia, Spain! We HAVE to go!

4 Best Attractions in Murcia, Spain

Real Casino de Murcia

We will start this list with a bang. The Real Casino de Murcia is a private club which was founded in 1847. Its over 1,500 members get to attend excellent business, social and cultural events and activities. Of course, we don’t expect you to join the club, but you should definitely book a tour in order to admire its facilities. The historic building was designed in 1902, and after eighty-one years it was recognised as a National Historical Building. Its combination of modern and renaissance architecture with detailed and posh both exterior and interior will leave you speechless.

Monteagudo Castle

An iconic attraction that you must visit in Murcia is the Monteagudo Castle. It is in the suburbs of the city, so you may need a car in order to get there. You can compare hire cars on Enjoy Travel and book the one you prefer online. Then, you will be able to reach the Monteagudo Castle in the most convenient way possible. There you will get to see the remains of the castle, which date back to the 800s. On top of the castle, there is a majestic statue of Christ.  

Floridablanca Garden

Are you interested in more historic sites? Then, you should go to the Floridablanca Garden. This garden has been providing a green space for relaxation and serenity to the people of Murcia since the 19th century. It was created as an attempt to design a beautiful spot in the growing city. You can still see some of the trees that were planted back then. Other Spanish cities followed Murcia’s example. 

Murcia Cathedral

Spain is famous for its grand catholic churches, and of course Murcia is a typical Spanish city in that regard. The most spectacular and impressive church that you will easily spot in Murcia is the Cathedral. It was completed in 1793, and it is an amalgam of different significant architectural trends. The ones that stand out are the renaissance, baroque and rococo style. Don’t forget to observe the bell tower as well because it took more than 250 years to be completed.