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Improve Reading Skills with Reading Eggs

If you’re anything like me, sitting down and listening to your child read pages and pages of boring books can put you to sleep faster than a cozy blanket and warm glass of milk. But it’s important to improve reading skills, so you just trudge on.

But what if your child could improve their reading skills without you sitting next to them?

What if they could increase their vocabulary and spelling while you’re getting caught up on laundry?

What if your kid actually WANTED to read?

Think it’s impossible?
I promise you, it’s not.

This post is sponsored by Reading Eggs. All opinions are my own yet I was compensated for my time.
Who knew it could be so much fun to improve reading skills?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Reading Eggs by now. If you’re a homeschooler, you’ve heard rave reviews from influencers and other homeschoolers. But you didn’t think it would work for your kiddo.

I totally get that! Even though we’d used Reading Eggs successfully with the girls when they were younger, I thought it wouldn’t work for Bear. But, boy, was I wrong!

Reading Eggs is an online program that not only improves reading skills but also boosts your child’s confidence. With fun and interactive games, kids actually ENJOY using Reading Eggs.

Who knew it could be so much fun to improve reading skills?

Why We Love Reading Eggs

Quick and efficient:

In just 15 minutes a day, kids can master life-long skills. From spelling to vocabulary, there’s so much more to reading than just being able to read and Reading Eggs ensures kids have mastered that skill!


Reading Eggs has some of the most fun, interactive games. But what I love most about it is that my kids learn, without even realizing they are learning.
They get so excited about earning golden eggs that they literally ask to play Reading Eggs.

They are naturally motivated to do more because they are enjoying the program so much.

Songs, animations, customizable avatars and rewards make learning with Reading Eggs just that much more fun!

Who knew it could be so much fun to improve reading skills?

Effective for kids ages 2-13:

Most reading programs only cater to kiddos who are learning to read. But not Reading Eggs! They offer engaging reading programs for kids ages 2-13!

Reading Eggs Junior:

Reading Eggs Junior offers the first steps to building your kids’ alphabet knowledge. Simple, interactive games are fun for ages 2-4.

Reading Eggs:

One-on-one lessons teach phonics, sight words and reading skills. Reading Eggs is perfect for kids between ages 3-7.

Fast Phonics:

In Fast Phonics, students will gain blending, spelling and letter-sound recognition skills. This is great for kids ages 5-10.

Reading Eggspress:

Kids aged 7-13 can continue the learning with Reading Eggspress. Here, they’ll build confidence and master key literacy skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Math Seeds:

Math Seeds is the accompanying math program to Reading Eggs. It’s geared towards kids between the ages of 3-9. Structured activities and lessons will build solid math foundation skills, all while kids have fun!

Who knew it could be so much fun to improve reading skills?


I’d be lying if I said that the price tag wasn’t a huge benefit of Reading Eggs.

There have been years where I’ve purchased reading curriculum that costs hundreds of dollars and left us feeling defeated and discouraged.

But Reading Eggs is perfect for our family on a budget!

For under $100 a year, we have access to Reading Eggs AND Mathseeds!

It’s the perfect alternative to over-priced, time-consuming curriculum that are full of empty promises.

Busy mom-approved:

Here’s the read kicker: I don’t have time to sit down and listen to hours and hours of reading. I have a lot on my plate in this season of life and some things had to be reevaluated.

I used to spend hours bent over workbooks with Bear, nearly in tears, as we struggled through the boring and mundane lessons. Now, I can give Bear the iPad and allow him to complete his work while I finish up dishes, work, set up appointments or just scroll through Instagram.

Fun online reading games help struggling readers to overcome obstacles, all while enjoying the activities!

The flexibility and fun provided by Reading Eggs has revolutionized learning. With the ability to do schoolwork in darn-near any setting, homeschooling has become more accessible and convenient than ever.

Check out Reading Eggs today!

Who knew it could be so much fun to improve reading skills?