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Free First Day of School Printables

First Day of School Printables

Can you believe it’s already time to head back to school? Me neither. The summer just dashed past us, leaving us sunburned and in a puddle of sweat.
Kids everywhere are gearing up to head back to school and homeschooling mamas are making the final preparations to kick off the school year. It’s a whole lot of work but you CAN make this time of year easier on your kids.

We’ve gathered our 3 best tips for making the first day of school a smooth transition for your family.

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  1. Get plenty of rest: Go to bed early the week leading up to your first day back to school. Wake up at the same time you need to on school day and help your body adjust. It’s hard on your body to go from sleeping till noon to having to be up and ready by 8:00. Getting enough sleep is crucial to your child’s brain development. Most tweens and teens don’t get nearly enough sleep, resulting in mood swings and bad attitudes.
  2. Prepare: From picking your outfits, organizing school supplies and making breakfast ahead of time to avoid the morning rush,  there is so much to do. Make it easier on the kids to focus on school by creating a peaceful environment at home. Make sure the kids know what the schedule looks like. Inform them of practices, events or gatherings they will be attending, even if it isn’t their event. Kids thrive on routine and knowing exactly what their week will look like will help them to transition smoothly.
  3. Relax: Kids get overwhelmed so easily. Avoid adding chaos to their lives during the first week of school. Allow time for them to be at home, enjoying some down time. Don’t worry about every little thing. Try to avoid last-minute grocery trips, going out for dinner or leaving the house as much as possible. Getting back into the school groove can be hard, so allow your kids to spend the evening relaxing. Try throwing dinner in the Crock-Pot so you can spend the evenings with your child instead of in the kitchen.

Back to school is wild and chaotic but you can make it easier with these simple ideas.

Don’t let these moments be forgotten!

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Free first day of school printables


Available for preschool through 12th grade.

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Free First day of school printables