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The Best Online Reading Games for Kids

One of the most important skills a human can have is the ability to read. That’s why it’s so important that we give our kids a solid foundation to build upon. Once a child can read, the sky is the limit. There is no holding them back or stopping them. Armed with a book and a desire to learn, they can create their own future.

But how can we ensure that our kids have a strong reading foundation? The answer is simple. We can read to them. We can help them improve their reading and comprehension skills. We can also make reading fun. By using online reading games, kids will find the natural love of reading. We just need to find that spark and fan it into flames.


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Fun online reading games help struggling readers to overcome obstacles, all while enjoying the activities!

With Reading Eggs, your child will fall in love with online reading games! 


5 Reasons We Love Reading Eggs

It’s Super Fun:

There’s no doubt about it: Reading Eggs is the most fun way to practice reading skills, no matter your age. With interactive games and challenges, kids will love advancing the the next stage.  With funny jokes {How do insects start a race? One, two, flea, GO!) that make kids chuckle while learning, the program is as fun as it is educational. Add in the driving tests, storylands and lessons and your kids will be begging to join in. The engaging avatars are as fun as it gets!

It’s Convenient:

Reading Eggs is the best place to find online reading games but you can’t just do them at home! Apps are available in the AppStore so you can take Reading Eggs with you anywhere you take your iPad. Other apps  are available on Google Play and on Amazon Apps.

It’s Perfect for Kids 2-13:

Reading Eggs has something for everyone! Other online reading games tend to be more babyish for my older kids to enjoy. They don’t like the easy games or dull activities. Reading Eggs has hit the mark with their appeal to all ages. Choose between Reading Eggs Junior, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress or one of  the many available apps. With so many levels, your child can work at their own pace and you don’t have to worry about them struggling or working at too easy of a level. They will work hard to earn badges and proceed to the next level.

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It’s Actually Affordable:

You won’t find a more affordable and efficient online reading program than Reading Eggs. For the price of a pair of shoes, you can ensure that your child builds a solid foundation for one of the most vital skills of their life. You can’t put a price tag on raising a good reader, who is confident and self-assured in their ability to read and comprehend. Most parents are willing to spend hundreds of dollars per year on dance classes yet second-guess themselves when investing in their child’s ability to read.
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It Helps Create Good Habits:

It’s not always easy to raise a kid who loves reading. By taking the struggle out of reading, kids will become more apt to find their natural love for reading.  Start creating good habits while they are young and make reading an essential part of life. Pick up a good book, find fun online reading games or grab a book and read it aloud together. You can squeeze in some reading time using audio books, ebooks or their favorite traditional book. Set aside a chunk of time everyday dedicated to reading and stick with it.  A good book is all it takes to take a child’s love of books to a new level.


By combining online reading games, fun books and technology, Reading Eggs has made learning to read fun for all ages!

Fun online reading games help struggling readers to overcome obstacles, all while enjoying the activities!

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